Fallen Earth, Finally Falls

Alas my friends, after less than a month I have given up on Fallen Earth. Yes, I know so many are saying, “give it more time!”

The main reason for me leaving is two fold. The first, does not have anything specifically to do with Fallen Earth: I am just tired of the MMO Grind. Perhaps it is the Spring air, but right now I just have such a hard time sitting in front of my computer pounding the keys. Even Everquest II has fallen victim to my neglect with my two subscriptions lapsing today. This ailment will probably last for a few weeks or even a month or two, but eventually I will want to return. Perhaps the world of Fallen Earth will entice me back.

The other reason I am leaving the game is just the horrible bleakness of the game. And, yes, I understand that is one of the strong points of the game. My character has reached almost 10th level and I am already tired of killing a human renegade and getting a lemon from my troubles. All the loot in the game is made, and at first that sounds great. The problem is that other players just don’t get the market in the game — everything that is for sale is way overpriced and no component-selling layer seems to exist in the game. Thus, I am often forced to make every item I use in the game — again seemingly fun, but when you have limited space (and I do mean limited) it turns into a constantly shuffling of odds and ends into the backpack, bank, or long term storage. Doesn’t other people get tired of the endless list of bits and pieces required to make such simple mundane things as a pair of shoes or a green shirt?

This is where the real rub starts. I am just so tired of having worthless crap gear that you must make. There is never any kind of loot that you can just use — there is no real excitement of exploring because the only thing you will find is either emptiness (and desolate and bleak) or a band of mobs that drop bits of plastic, copper beads, or a shoe lace. I am just tired of killing 10 mobs to get water, a rotted apple, and two metal gears?

There was so much potential in the game, but at this time I am just to beleaguered any more to care.

I hope one day when I need something different than elves and dwarves, this game will be waiting for me. Right now, even fantasy seems boring.

I hope to return someday, but it is not today.


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