Starting Runes of Magic

I have decided to give Runes of Magic a try for at least 1 month. This game seems a bit more to my liking than did Fallen Earth.

I have never been a big fan of Free to play MMOs because I always thought they looked really cheesey. This game, although it has the graphic art style of World of Warcraft seems to have some decent ideas behind it.

Perhaps in a couple of weeks I will have a different opinion. As I am only 5th level, but what I have seen so far appears a bit more favorable.

Check it out, and if you like the game perhaps we could group some night.



  1. Which server? I recently started playing (got my Priest to lvl 20, my Knight class is 18 so trying to catch him up) on the Artemis server, kinda part-time.

    I meant to ask you a month or two ago before you got Fallen Earth if you’d ever given Age of Conan a shot? But you said you were tired of fantasy at the time so I let it go. I’m having a helluva fun time in AoC – first time I’ve played since the final few days of beta and first few days of launch and it’s improved quite a bit for PvE. I’ve never seen PvP so I can’t say how it is there.

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