Fun and Glory in Runes of Magic

I have started playing the Runes of Magic. I picked the game up with some serious reservations. First, I had a horrible burn out with Everquest II and thought surely I could not find enjoyment in a classic high-fantasy MMO. Secondly, I had played the game a couple of months ago and it could not keep my interest, although I didn’t really give it a shot either. And last, I have been a huge naysayer to FREE to play MMOs — thinking that they were nothing more than hang outs for children.

I have been pleasantly surprised this last week. I originally told myself that I would give Runes of Magic a full undivided attention for a month. I even resisted on writing anything about the game for a full week to really let the game sink in.

After a full week, I have two characters now that are just peeking into the teens. I have a Warrior/Mage and a Cleric/Scout. I of course dual box these two and have been enjoying my time in the game.

I must first detail that Runes of Magic is not real dual-box friendly and you need to find some macros to get the two to work together. There is also some nagging problems with the camera on the second account, often ending up pointing in the wrong direction or off on some weird angle — luckily, I don’t often use that monitor to fight with. I also want to empirically state that I am not botting. The term botting would indicate that I use the second box for no other reason than spam heal my first guy — I do not do this. I treat both characters as fully fleshed out avatars, both with the best gear, spells, and gathering skills. I truly treat each as a separate entity, and I play the two often solo when I just have a few moments.

With that said, I have been journeying around trying to figure the game out. It really reminds me of the early days of EQ in that there is very little information or knowledge that is on the net or even within the player base. This issue can be interesting at times when you look for some basic feature of the game and no one knows anything about it. For example, I cannot find any real information on “target by the camera” which is a basic option in the setup? I am also finding a lack of information on macro or even crafting — no one knows anything about it. Just like in the early days of Everquest when there was scant information on quests, monsters, loot, crafting, and game mechanics so is Runes of Magic in that Dark Age! Of course that can also be a problem when you want to know something really simple — such as does the crossbow use arrows? Since I can not find quarrels, I assume they do but when I buy the ammunition, it is never subtracted from my inventory when I fire the crossbow (yet I do attack with it)? Strange that no one knows anything about this. . .

But back to the game. The graphics remind me allot of World of Warcraft and I have heard that it is pretty much a copy of the game mechanics. Not a bad thing since 12 million people play WoW.

The game has all the features you would want in a triple A classic MMO: rich quest content, dungeons for groups and raids, guilds with all the amenities, standard monster grinding, complex character statistics, harvesting of resources, crafting in several disciplines, disenchanting of items into raw components, creation of powerful magical objects, group and raid bosses, and huge maps to explore.  Everything that EQ or WoW or any of the major games have, so does Runes of Magic.

I was amazed at the number of different mounts that the game allows — very nice!

Also the game is FREE to play. I think a bit of explanation is in order about that term — because as we all know there is nothing free in this world. And yes, the game is not free since you can spend real money like a fish swims through water in the game YOU WILL BE SPENDING HARD EARNED CURRENCY.  Of course you do not need to spend money, but to get all the fun trinkets in the game such as extra bag space, fancy house furniture (which gives you xp bonus), mounts, potions, and the list goes on. I told myself that if I am still playing the game a month after I signed on that I would buy myself 1000 diamonds. Diamonds of course is the currency in the game that can be purchased with real money.

There is also gold in the game, and if you like using the scummy gold spammers, that too can be purchased with real money. Otherwise, gold is the free to earn money that you can spend to your heart’s content. And let me tell you, gold flows in this world. Some pieces of equipment sells for millions of gold. I have probably accumulated about 50,000 gold so far but most of that has already been spent on learning new skills and buying off the rack weapons and armors.

I have been trying to get some of my other friends to play Runes of Magic. And just like I was reluctant a couple of months ago, so too are they uneasy about playing. I keep telling them that its FREE and that if you don’t like it the worst you would be out is a couple of hours of time. They still bulk at entering the world.

As for me, I now questioned why I spent so much money on Everquest II. I truly wished I didn’t spend the 80 dollars and the 30 dollars a month (two accounts) on the recent expansion and years of time in the game. How much further ahead in my slush fund I would be if I stopped playing a year ago.

Is everything rosey about Runes of Magic? Of course not. They have their issues just as any MMO does. I have crashed several times while playing — locking my computer to the point I had to restart the computer. The graphics can be cheesy at times as well as some of the skills. Also I wonder if I get sucked into the game if I will be spending more than 30 dollars a month on diamonds? Perhaps that IS their dirty little secret. . .



  1. I spent $20 so far on Diamonds, just because I have been enjoying myself enough (quite a bit, actually!) to give the devs some cash to keep working.

    However — I did wait for one of their sales before I purchased those Diamonds. Luckily, the sale that came up when I’d made my decision to buy was +100% so that $20 got me $40 worth. I was going to wait on a mount sale but they had a festival so I paid full price for the flying ferret mount. No biggie, I don’t have anything on the list to buy unless I decide to rent more bag space.

    Also, if you’re willing to spend the time versus the money, you can legally buy and sell both diamonds and gold in the AH. Plenty of players buy diamonds then sell them for gold, or grind gold to buy diamonds to use in the shop. And DO YOUR DAILIES for the tokens! They have their own shop where you can get stuff for your house that gives bonuses to XP and TP as well as getting Fusion stones etc. That’s essentially rewarding you with custom shop items for your playtime rather than cash.

  2. Hi Scott!

    Thanks for the insight into transferring gold into diamonds and visa verso. I didn’t know you could get diamonds that way. I have also heard that you can fill out surveys for diamonds as well, but I get a bit leery about those “deals” often because they want personal information from you.

    I have been collecting the daily tokens but not sure what they were really used for.

    I look forward to having some cool looking mounts.

  3. I’ve done some surveys, they’re not bad about personal info and they do give the diamonds. If you’re bored at the office, I guess earning diamonds is an alternative to Farmville? heh!

    When you get your second class, you should also get two new skills in the General tab: Transport: Logar and Transport: Reifort. Use the Reifort one to level up your secondary — it’s a new zone they created after launch. Basically a starter zone but you can’t start a new character there. Those quests should level your secondary into the teens and get him a set or two of gear before you run out of content there. After that, typically everyone recommends using your primary then turn in dailies with the secondary to level him.

    However if you actually plan on *playing* your secondary as an actual class at end-game, that is extremely expensive (both time and money) to gear up both classes. Typically you pick a secondary which provides the Elite skills in the manner of class you’re wanting to play. I’m a Priest/Knight which makes the best healer in the game. For elves, a Druid/Scout is their best healer, and also the second best healer in the game. It’s all a matter of which two classes combine into which Elite skills. That gives some extra character-building complexity, although you kinda need to do your research ahead of time because the only way to change your secondary class after the fact is the Fruit of Forgetting (whatever the name is) which runs around 200 Diamonds ($10) so kinda expensive.

    Just a couple things I’ve learned in the past few weeks I’ve been playing.

  4. Next time you play, press / or click the Item Shop button. You’ll notice 3 shops: Diamond Shop; Ruby Shop; Phirius Token Shop.

    Rubies are earned every time you make any purchase with either Diamonds or Phirius Tokens. The Tokens are earned from doing Daily Quests. You can do 10 per day; they reset at 10am Eastern. There’s an item you can buy for Diamonds that will reset them at will, but we’re trying to be frugal, right?

    For now, you’ll probably want to concentrate on some of the housing items with Phirius Tokens. Get yourself some bonus XP and TP items (they save up and function just like Rest XP from other MMO’s) then save up for a second storage chest, which will help out rather than spending diamonds on bag slot rentals.

    Check the homepage every weekday. I think every weekday they put up 3 items on sale (the items change each day). Last week they had the normal horse mounts which are usually 199 Diamonds on sale for 99. I’d already spent 395 on the flying ferret so didn’t get one, but it’s a good deal if you’re patient enough to wait for sales and just use the mount rental if you earn enough gold to pay for that.

  5. If you didn’t already see it, here’s some resource links:
    The RoM forums may be your best bet to learn how to make and use macros.

    I just wanted to add a bit about crafting and disenchanting in relation to you mentioning about RoM having full-fledged features.

    I agree. I think they have things in place to make it much more robust too. The way crafting works leaves room for just pluging in new recipes, and adding new mats(plus how you get those mats), to add a lot of bulk without needing to rewrite code or completely change their system. Heck they could even start adding in more complex crafted furniture pieces the same way.

    Having disenchanting also leaves room for a lot of robust game play. Right now, it is really weak, but by simply making existing items disenchantable into other new items for use in other ways can add a ton of deep game play without changing the way the system currently works.

    I’m really hoping they do those two things soon. In my mind, it would add a wealth of more fun play, a deeper and more complex economy, and more things to do. I see it taking a lot of delicate balancing as with adding anything or especially adding ways to make multiple things that have an effect on supply and demand can be touchy.

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