Opening the World of Phirius Tokens

For the last several days I have been running what players call the dailies from Logar. The town is one of two (or perhaps three) starter towns from which players begin their journey in Runes of Magic. For your reward you get experience, gold, and small white tokens called Phirius. I had just been throwing them in my bank because I did not know what they did — often the case in this game since so much is unknown.

With the recent comments from Jeremy I found their is a whole new world of excitement for the “shopper” in me. In the upper right corner of your game screen you will see a map. Around the map are nodules that you can turn features on and off. From the gift box (the white box with the red ribbon) you can turn on the item shop.

Aside from New Items, Specials, Diamonds, and Rubies is the Phirius Token Shop. It is here where you can spend these little beauties! Oh my I am like a kid in a candy store — or a woman in Kohl’s (regional department store)!

Where do I begin to shop? I already know that I have not done enough of the dailies now — dailies now take on so much more meaning.

One of the more interesting aspects of the daily run, as far as I can tell, is that you get the drop from the creature if you are or are not on the mission. That is, if you need 20 skeletal hands that item will drop on the mob regardless if you are on the mission or not. Perhaps these items are even tradeable? Help me out here, but if I wanted to I think I could give my 100 bear claws to someone who could then turn them in for the dailies? [Note to self to check that out].

So I am off once again hunting, exploring, harvesting, all the while dreaming of the trinkets I can buy with all my Phirii (?) (plural for Phirius?)


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