Enlisting Unwilling Friends

I now know the feelings my friends had a few months ago when they pleaded with me to start playing Runes of Magic.

At the time, I scoffed at their silly little game that because it was FREE it had to be filled with children and cretins.

Now that I am playing the game, I am trying to convince my other friends to play. Now the shoe is on the other food and I am the one scratching my head saying, “Why?”

Switching to another MMO is always a tough sell. People who play their games is like the people that only drive Fords, or only like a specific brand of beer. When you try to dissuade them and offer a new game, they scoff at any other product able to do more than their favorite. But like the guy in the Ford or the dude at the bar with his beer, I present an alternative that is basically free. After a bit of discomfort, I think they will find the experience just as pleasing and better it is again basically free or as expensive as they want it to be.

Another hard sell for RoM is the fact that it is advertised as being FREE. I tell prospective players that nothing in this world is free, and no more so is RoM. Although I have yet to spend any money in the game, I can foresee myself spending at least 10 dollars a month in the game and perhaps more. So those that want to pour money down an MMO’s throat, you will have plenty of opportunity in this game — trust me.

Alas the last obstacle is investment — many people don’t want to try because they have months or even years built up in some other product. All I can say to that is, if you come over to Runes of Magic you will soon be invested into the new world and may never look back at the old — and even if you do, no one is going to delete your characters from WoW, Everquest, or Age of Conan. You can always return for friendly visits in the future; often without cost in those pleasant little emails you get from the company asking you to return for 2 to 6 weeks for free.

All I can say is that I hope in time I can convince my friends to give it a try.


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