Runes of Improvement

There seems to be a few areas of improvement that I would like to see happen in Runes of Magic. Of course, the development of new content is always needed. But beyond the need for new quests, new items, and perhaps new playable races and classes is the need to address underlying issues of the game.

There is some basic components of the game that needs improvement. These changes are far more difficult to add or correct than just adding development. Some of the changes have to come via the community even, rather than direct from Frogster.

The first concern I have is with the economy. At the present, it seems like there is horrible inflation within the system. I do like many aspects of the games economy including the buying, selling, and trading of diamonds, rubies, and phurii stones. However, it also seems that everything is horribly overpriced with simple items selling for thousands of gold coins. I am hoping that over time the game’s community will learn what sells and what doesn’t, and more importantly what people will pay for zinc or a low end magic item. The state of the economy is much like real world economies in that the developer (such as the government) can set policy but it is the players (the citizens of the state) that ultimately determines the price of goods.

I am also concerned with the communication system in the game. Again, there are many aspects I enjoy with the game curtailing the use of world and zone talk. I have some serious problems with Frogster unable to curtail gold spam advertising. To me, I would think that there could be algorithms of word combinations that could be used to restrict such broadcasts. I also wonder about the megaphone which allows world talk and the people who use it almost as a lark or a joke — demeaning the whole concept of having the restrictions.

Part of this problem seems to be the age of the community, the player base being very young it tends to be reduced to talking about boobs, butts, and player bashing. The community must grow up and realize what is appropriate and what is not. Again, Frogster can lead with policy, but it is the players who must make this happen.

I am still very happy with the game, and perhaps this weekend I will purchase my first diamond. At roughly .05 cents for a diamond, it doesn’t make sense for me to spend gold to obtain them (going rates on my server is 10,000 gold for 1 diamond). I am looking forward to getting a mount and some more bag space.

This weekend (April 16th to the 18th) is double diamond weekend, meaning you get twice the diamonds for the basic selling price.



  1. On the one hand I tend to agree that things are overpriced, but then again the game hands out gold like candy. By 20 I had over 200K gold and I never use the AH to sell in any MMO — that was strictly from playing the game and vendoring stuff I didn’t need. I’ve considered trying the “AH game” in RoM though just because I see crafting materials going for high prices.

    I agree Runewalker should implement some type of spam feature into the game but for now I’m using an addon called Shut Up! that comes pre-loaded with several more common spam sites and you can add more. Not sure how many reports it takes to get an individual spammer booted but I’ve seen two things recently: first, spammers somehow got flagged for PvP and players killed them. On Artemis we regularly have GM’s pop into the game to chat and last night one of them specifically said “brb… spammer” and manually dealt with one.

    With the world chat… on the one hand, it’s a sign people are spending money on the game to keep it running (although you can get a few megaphones using Phirius Tokens too) but sometimes I’m just amazed that they (to me) waste them on such trivial stuff. But hey, it’s their money (or time spent doing dailies) not mine.

    As for rudeness, etc. I’m very happy on Artemis. *For the most part* the community there is pretty mature and helpful, and reminds me a lot of my LOTRO server. I’ve heard some other servers are very different, very immature, people running around with very rude names, etc. so it seems to be on a server-by-server basis. A lot of adults play on Artemis (even the Old Timers Guild chose that server) and a lot of the younger players have been more mature-acting in my few weeks there. There’s always the occasional bad apple or douchebag but it’s been much less often than I’ve seen elsewhere.

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