Don’t Forget Your Secondary Password

When I started playing Runes of Magic, it asked me for a secondary password. Two passwords? weird . . . but OK,  and I typed something in. Never did I realize that when you buy anything with diamonds, it asks for that darn silly thing.

Worse, one of my new big complaints with Frogster is that their website and support is horribly slow.

So now I am sitting here waiting for the email on how to reset the password. Strangely you can easily reset your primary password at the drop of a hat, but there is absolutely no way to reset your secondary password.

So as a word to the wise, do not forget that PASSWORD!

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I had the bad timing of trying to reset my password on the weekend.  First thing Monday morning Frogster responded to my support issue and reset the password.  Remember to give them your account name and server — that helps expedite the process.  Although I still think that they should have weekend hours, I will say that they were fast and courtesy in dealing with my issue.



  1. HAHA I had the same problem. I’d setup my RoM account like a year ago when the game first launched but then never played the game. When I got my diamonds awhile back it keeps asking for my secondary password and I was like WTF?

    Eventually I kept trying passwords I’ve used over the years and correctly guessed it though.

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