Runes of Magic and CSR

What I don’t understand about a company that offers a commodity 24 hours a day and every day throughout the year, is that they don’t work on the weekends?

This seems to be the case with Runes of Magic’s Frogster. Correct me if I am wrong!

If you offer a service continuously, then you need to have support continuously. There is no more “normal” business hours when we are on a global economy.

Nothing is more frustrating to a consumer than having an easy problem that can’t be fixed because the company doesn’t believe in working on the weekends.

This is all about my issue with secondary passwords — something that should be able to be reset via the web. period. Just as the primary password can be reset, so too should the secondary.

Now I have diamonds I cannot spend, because I forgot my password (which is my fault) but shouldn’t be something I need to wait 4 days to fix.


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  1. I hope they start offering daily support. Even if they have closed hours, but at least the majority of every day of the week has support open.

    I was hit with a bit of frustration when I had the chance to take advantage of a double diamond sale one weekend, but couldn’t get my credit card to work right, and of course support had the weekend off.

    Hopefully they can get big enough to support that.

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