A Year of Monday Night Games

For over a year I recorded brief details about my Monday night games with the guys. Nothing outrageous, but for me it is interesting to see how games come and go, my friend Wade joins and leaves, and the waning interest in Civilization only to be reborn over and over.

04-19-10 I had JOE on a new Computer (dual core AMD with 2 gigs RAM and a 7900GS video card). Great fun all around even though my empire fumbled throughout the night with bad luck, barbarians, and horrible financial problems.

04-12-10 Getting a little old again. May give it a rest for a bit. Should we play something other than Civilization?  The computer Joe uses is so old and it lags the game too much.

04-06-10 New month and same fun. WADE did not show this week because of his leg. Tried to show Joe Runes of Magic but he was not interested as he is always with everything new I want to play.

03-30-10 New game with same results, but still fun. Wade can be so dangerous!

03-29-10 Looking forward to our game tonight! Must destroy WADE!!! Joe can only play the ROMANS.

03-16-10 New game and having fun. No game next week because of our anniversary.

03-09-10 New game without raging barbarians but with 9 opponents. Great fun. I am winning!

03-02-10 Wade came back again. First game joe lost, second game I lost, third game I won.


02-16-10 we played a bit of Monster Fandango and found some issues. We then played Civ. Today is the release of the new expansion for EQ2. Will I like the expansion?  I stayed home for two days so I can play it. . .

02-01-10 Didn’t play test BB II—must force myself to play it next week to test. Joe got his ass beat twice in Civ – he sucks.

01-25-10 Showed Joe – BLOODBATH II – then played Civilization IV the rest of the night. Next week I want to create characters. And play through a couple of rooms.

01-18-10 Probably will skip this week – Diablo though fun is just too much clicking. Might just end up playing Civ again next week or the week after – no sense getting together if we are not looking forward to it.

01-12-10 Played another night of Diablo II – killed Diablo and now on to the real expansion.

01-04-10 Played Diablo II again. Joe does not return to work until the 18th, which I am sure will postpone our game for a couple of weeks.

Got to Act III of the game. Maybe Next week we will play test my new game engine.

12-28-09 Played Diablo II – jow starts work next week and I fear the game night will be over . . .

12-21-09 Still fighting Hitler – Mussolini is in the mix as well. Still a tough fight.

12-14-09 Tonight we finish up Hitler and destroy him?

12-07-09 Going to hopefully play tonight with Jow (Joe’s nickname) – Huge world, Raging barbarians, and 1 AI aggressive (Hitler). Will report tomorrow for what happened. [[Great game = Hitler is on the run]]

11-23-09 We played a game with Wade over the internet – Wade got mad when Joe attacked him he said without provocation. Joe had warned Wade a number of times about his encroachment, but Wade said he never saw them.  He kept calling and swearing at Joe — I laughed my ass off!

11-16-09 Wade never showed. Joe and I are in another pitch battle and its going to be tough. Fun as always.

11-09-09 Going to try and bring Wade and Joe over to play. Not sure if I can get this third machine working correctly.

11-02-09 Played and had great fun until the game cheated

10-19-09 Going to play tonight but the war is almost one – mop up is going to be tough.

10-12-09 Last week we had fun. Going to try and continue the game this week.

10-05-09 Going to try and start playing again – this time a new era in civilization where it is King of the Hill. No AI just us three, fighting it out for supremacy.

09-21-09 got together last week and had fun – that is what is important. Will try and organize it again tonight.

09-14-09 Not getting together with Wade this Monday, but may do something with Joe – still up in the air. Looked at playing the old Empire game, but the graphics are just too old and no multiplayer support ( I thought there was)?

09-09-09 We may try and get together to see what Champions has to offer. Maybe get into a board game or something. Maybe go to dinner with Wade? We got together and went out for burgers at Culverts. Had a fun time and talked with Wade.

08-31-09 No game once again – the era is over.

08-24-09 No game. Sadly the era is over – thinking of doing n RPG or board game in a few weeks.

08-11-09 No game once again. We are taking a breather from the game. If we ever return to it, Wade won’t be in the equation – he knows too much about the game.  Is Civilization finally over?!?

08-03-09 How quickly fun turns to boredom. I have ended the group and will not get together for a few weeks. Feel sort of sad that this present era of gleeful play is over.

07-20-09 We are going to have a blast tonight in a match that has been going on for 3 weeks. Can’t wait until tonight.

07-13-09 Rousing game with Wade and Joe.

06-29-09 Last Monday of the month. Will play Civ IV old save if Wade gets over, or a new game with Joe. Remember PLAY what you want to play and not what Joe wants.

06-22-09 Not playing today or maybe this week because I don’t feel good. I may be coming down with the flu.

06-15-09 Sadly it seems that both Joe and Wade want to put nothing into these weekly forays – they are completely comfortable about doing nothing new week after week. Maybe I should just shrug and do the same.

06-01-09 Moved on to Diablo II for a couple of months. After that, maybe we will return to Civ IV.

05-25-09 After some initial problems, got the game running on all three machines. Had fun although our ages are quickly showing on this click fest. Tried a new mod – it’s OK but not terrific.

05-22-09 Going to start playing Diablo II.

04-23-09 We are now playing on a Mod called Thomas’ Wars and Wade brings over his PC to help. Real Nice! Very fun!

03-27-09 Set the TASK in motion and made my own map last night – curious how it fares with the guys.


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