Clutter Quests

A lesson I am just learning in Runes of Magic is being selective on the quests I undertake. Unlike other MMOs where a bag full of quest parts is no big deal, every space in your backpack in RoM is valuable.

Of course, if you don’t mind paying diamonds for extra bag space then quest clutter is no big deal. I am trying to play as lean as possible, spending diamonds only where absolutely necessary. With that in mind, this morning I deleted every quest I had that I didn’t know exactly how to finish it, and subsequently deleted all the clutter that fills my bags with these rods, gems, furs, and unknown stuff.

I just picked up an entire bag full of space.

Starting from here out, I won’t just grab every quest that comes my way but be more selective on what quests I start. Then finish those quests in a timely manner.

So move away from the Clutter Quests that fill your precious bag space. Run lean in Runes of Magic.


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  1. Yea thats good advice Troy the old backpacks can fill up damn quick if your not carefull hehe. I just came back to RoM full time after letting my EQ2 sub lapse as i have accomplished everything I wanted on my main now. I didnt feel like playing my original guy so I made a scout which I am gonna go dual cleric with and see how that works out.I have been totally absorbed in the crafting this time though so it’s going to take a while lol ,thats ok though as I really enjoy just pottering about doing off the wall stuff in this game as it has that home game feeling for me as EQ2 does.

    Anyway glad your having fun man,
    cya around maybe

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