Controlling the Gold Spammers

I have found a new home in the game of Runes of Magic. The game is everything that I need to fill my MMO void with adventure, character advancement, equipment, harvesting, crafting, and pure fantasy. And for the most part Frogster has done a wonderful job at delivering this service — I have even bought a mount and some nifty extras to support their cause (and mine).

What I cannot fathom however is why they allow the gold spamming to continue. They make it sound like it is so difficult to control, when in reality we all know it is not.

They need to control both the trading of coin and its delivery service. if they curtail either one sufficiently, the gold spammers will leave simply because it is not profitable to stay around.

They have done some minor measures but here is a few ideas I think they could implement to squash the gold sellers.

Hire Interns to monitor key points: Every day at the same spots I see gold spammers hawking their products. How hard would it be to have a couple of interns at Frogster map out those areas and just monitor them one after another.

Control key phrases: Another obvious control would be to limit various phrases from being written in whisper, world, and say channels. Just take a look at their verbose statements with undue +++++ or ======= or GOLDGOLDGOLD and you can imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to do.

Implement a faster way to flag potential spammers: I say implement a procedure where if 100 or maybe 200 players indicate that a character is a spammer that they are kicked from the game. After being kicked they are out of the game for an hour. Sure, you could get some viral community response to kick unruly players — but is that bad either?

I just can’t fathom why they haven’t done more to these gold spammers.

Its like a community watch group going to the police and telling them there are hookers on X corner every day and the police saying, “oh ok. well we’ll look into this.” and nothing is ever done about it.

I am sure others have ideas on how to control the gold trade as well. I would love to hear them



  1. Is it going again? I haven’t played in a week because of work and getting a few factions to kindred in LOTRO. The last patch killed ALL the spam when it first came out unless they’re finding a way around it now.

    Have you tried the Shut Up! addon? Works for me.

    As I said awhile back I’ve seen a GM specifically say he was banning a spammer, and I saw another blogger say the scrolling banner announcement thing the other day said all gold BUYERS would be banned as well. That’s a first, usually devs just go after the sellers.

  2. I have installed a new addon called Xbar which in theory does away with all of the SPAM.

    The issue with that is, why does it take a third party vendor to create a simple algorithm which blocks key phrases.

    You have to wonder if they are truly motivated to stop SPAMMERS.


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