My Avatars in Runes of Magic

Here are my two main characters in Runes of Magic: Salbador and Kerrikins. Salbador is an 19th level warrior and a 7th level wizard, while Kerri is a 17th level cleric and a 7th level rogue.

I have been finding the game a refreshing change from my bland EQ II experience and look forward to becoming 60/60 with them in the months ahead.

For Salbador I have recently bought a giant chicken mount that I call, “Little Joe.” and Kerri has a white horse (no name yet).

If played correctly you really never need to buy anything, but it is sure fun to have a few diamonds to get the mount, the extra bags, or the perk in magical bonuses with items, armor, and weapons.



  1. Dammit Troy! You just destroyed a theory of mine that it’s the generation under us who calls them “avatars” and considers them an online extension of themselves, while it’s the original tabletop RPG generation like us who still calls them “characters” and does *not* consider them extensions of the player.

    Guess I need to go back to the drawing board on that one… /sigh

  2. It is funny you say that, because in my first draft I kept referring to them as my toons or a my characters. After reading it through, I thought that sounded to “old school” and changed it to Avatar.

    I am actually a bit tepid to calling my characters avatars — the term just does not seem correct, but that appears to be what people call them.


  3. Even though I don’t sit around in taverns doing the story/dialogue style of RP, I still consider my characters their own little person that I’m guiding through their virtual lives, just like I did back in the RPG days with dice and a character sheet.

    Other people — and my theory is they’re primarily those who did not do the RPG thing — consider their characters to be virtual extensions of either themselves or of their online persona.

    Other people consider the whole thing simply playing a game and the character represents them and they don’t care to get any deeper than that.

    No one’s “wrong” per se, but I still twitch when people call them “avatars.” To me and the old-school definition, an avatar represents me (or a persona of mine). Like the old 3D Avatar Chats, or forum avatars, or the avatars on Xbox Live. That’s me, not a character with its own name, etc. in a virtual world.

    Guess I’m the odd man out though…

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