Mental Road Block

Once again my arch nemesis, Dr. Lethargy, is rearing it’s ugly head. Back in January and February I was so full of excitement I could barely control my thoughts long enough to concentrate on two things at one time.

Not so long ago I was so excited about Podcasting, Everquest II, my writing of my novel, my game design (Bloodbath), researching Meso-American civilization, and all of my other assorted hobbies. Now it seems I can barely muster the energy to turn the computer on — I stare at the screen not knowing, or really caring, where I surf. I open up old favorites hoping to elicit a positive response only to look at the screen for a few minutes and then shrug.

What am I to do? I so long for the days where I was designing new rules for Bloodbath all the while surfing on Itunes for music. I can easily remember working all day long, sending myself little emails about new plots, new adventures, and new goals.

I wish I had a magic lantern I could rub and wish for my inspiration to return.

Perhaps I should just open a book and read it, or settle back and watch some TV show. Some small part of me says “yes” but another larger part of me screams, “Who Cares!?!”

So here I sit, thinking about thinking about doing something. I feel like a dried up river bed, staring at the late August sky hoping to see the dark clouds — knowing all too well that a drop of rain will turn into a torrent of excitement.

Where is those darn clouds!


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  1. Definately get to reading some books and watching some movies those two pastimes always put me in the mood for some gaming or they just get me to thinking about cool stuff like new types of games i’d like to try out or maybe playing an older game in diiferent way.

    May I suggest a series of stories I have read this year by an English author called Joseph Delaney.
    They are not numbered so it can awkward figuring out the order but they go like this.
    The spooks apprentice
    The Spooks curse
    The Spooks secret
    The SPooks Battle
    The Spooks Mistake
    The spooks sacrafice

    They have a very quaint and old worldy theme set in the Black country part of England which is the midlands.
    After I read the 1st I absolutely had to read the rest lol I think I read the whole series in a month.

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