25 dollar virtual horse?!?

What is Sony thinking? If you haven’t seen the email circulating yet, it is the latest sell out by Sony where they are claiming a limited release of a virtual mount in Everquest II for twenty-five dollars.

I have not seen the statistics on this new mount, nor do I really think I care to but it seems to me that Sony is sinking to its lowest depths by grafting such a ridiculous price for an item in a game.

Even if the mount was twice as fast as any other mount in the game, which I can almost guarantee it is not, I cannot believe they would stoop so low as to overcharge their loyal customers 25 dollars.

What is next for these guys? Buying a virtual house for a hundred dollars? Or even better yet, creating a mortgage on a piece of virtual property and making their players pay each month to own it?

So now players must pay a monthly subscription fee, plus purchase overpriced expansion sets, and now if they want to stay competitive to the other guy, they need to start forking over large amounts of cash for ingame items? Where does it end?

Of course no one is forcing the player to buy these things, but its a true shame to offer such an over priced item to individuals who may not think the purchase completely through. Also many of the players are children, naive to the world, of such unsavory practices as claiming an item “MAY” be available only for a month — so buy now. Then again, it may be available for 12 months but why should they tell the players that. . . .

All in all, I am horribly disappointed in this latest move.



  1. For me the worst part is not the $25. I’ll not pay that. So I just do not care.

    For me personally SOE have crosses a line with this. The other things that you could get through the Marketplace was mostly fluff. The most useful thing was the XP Potions. Something I saw no preoblem with. This is actuall a useful thing.

    I’d prefer it if the mount would have benn appearance only. Just as appearance gear.

    But generallt, and when I’m looking objectively: why should I care? I will not buy this. If other people do, fine. Why should I care.

    One more thing: I’m paying a sub here SOE! You better start adding content and be fixing bugs instead of focusing on milking money. I expect more than just being able to play. Just saying.

  2. I agree with you whole-heartedly. It is one thing to offer a game for free, then ding the players for little add ons — It is different when they charge you for EVERYTHING: Game, Expansions, monthly subscriptions, and now useful items in game.

    Seriously, even if it only goes over half as well as they hope — whats stopping them from selling epics for 100 dollars. they’ll just say it is for those people who don’t have the time to invest into the weapon, but want one. How can anyone disagree with that?


  3. I’m glad I quit EQ2 for RoM to be honest ,Frogster are doing cash shop/freeplay exactly how it should be.
    Is the mount worth 25Dollars? In my opinion no, not when you already pay a subscription fee.
    How long does it take to put a new skin on a dire bear mount and then copy it x amount of times! lol it’s money for old rope.
    Imagine if Runes of Magic suddenly started charging a subscription fee!!!

    Sony can try and spin it whichever way they want but they used subscription funds and continue to do so to create and keep the market place running. A market place developed in secret and ninja released on the players.
    Yes I am glad I unsubbed for good because this is daylight robbery!!

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