My top 5 MMOs

Listening to the latest Virginworlds podcast, I thought I would weigh in on my top 5 MMOs. My opinion is exactly that, and is not necessarily based on the number of players but the overall enjoyment I have had in the games.

I also would like to hinge the following list on the concept of how I perceived my memories of the game and not the current state of the game. I know people will look at the list and start crying that recently I have been bemoaning games on the list but overall the games still shine, even though the latest content doesn’t.

1. Everquest II
2. Everquest
3. World of Warcraft
4. City of Heroes
5. Star Wars Galaxies



  1. OK, I can’t pass up on the opportunity to leave my 2 cents worth here…so here goes. Happy to provide reasoning if/when required 🙂

    1. SWG (pre-NGE/CU, sorry to bring that up)
    2. Vanguard
    3. Eve Online
    4. Earth and Beyond
    5. Tabula Rasa

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