Everquest II’s 3-Day Pass

OK, everyone knows I am at heart a Sony fan, though I admit I get angry at them on a regular basis.  I had been on a high over the last several months railing them for a horrible expansion and lackluster quests.  I thought I was finally over my anger and the itch to play the game was returning.

I have not played since really early April, though my account did continue until May.  I told myself I was going to take a break for awhile and let my Everquest battteries recharge.

In the past I had received an email proclaiming Sony’s new alternate subscription plan, a 3-day passport that was non-recurring.  It sounded like just the teaspoon of Everquest deliciousness that I needed — nothing long term and nothing too expensive.  This morning I woke up extra early so I could update the game and get all my characters fielded for the weekend to play.

After charging my credit card and receiving a notice that Sony had accepted payment, I tried to log in.  I was met with the error: “You Have No Subscription to This Game!”

I went back to my accounting page and sure enough I was active, so once again I reloaded Everquest II and put in my credentials.  Again, I was told I had no subscription.

I did learn from the Forum (before my post was blocked and deleted) that they were experiencing problems linking accounts to the 3-day passport.  Strange, they didn’t have any problems TAKING my money but they do have a PROBLEM giving me the services I purchased!

I also learned that for us East coast players we have to wait until 1 pm to get any sort of customer service support via phones.  Now I have to spend my day trying to get through to someone over there to make sure my account is updated — since you know they don’t work the weekends (unlike some of us).  If I don’t specifically call them, I know what will happen. I won’t have access for the entire weekend and basically flushed 5 bucks down the drain.

Again, I wish this could have gone over better so I could start healing my Sony wounds, but now they have been scratched open again.  I must say I am livid right now that they screwed me like this.

Perhaps tomorrow I will update this post, if things go better tonight.

After waiting an hour, I finally got through to them (to a nice guy named Victor) and he honestly told me that the service is broken and there was no ETA but that my passport would be pro-rated for the full three days.  We shall see. . .




  1. They have since then fixed the problem, so next week or whenever you want to try it, it should be working.

    I am back trying to reacquaint myself with the game.

    Some big changes have occurred, most notably is that all characters can research spells at the same time (Research Assistants).

  2. One of my favorite things to do when bored was roll a new toon even If it was just to lvl 10 and then delete it. I used to love playing on the old colony starter isles a lot,it was how I used rekindle my interest in the game.
    Cant do that now 😦 ,
    I’m hoping the EQ2Emu project has a server with original 1-50 content fully up and running one day soon because i’d be all over that.

  3. OK. After I posted my response, I re-read your comment and it struck me that was what you were referring to.

    But for others that may read this, Everquest II removed the basic starting island that has been the staple of first time characters since the launch.

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