Why Blizzard Succeeds

For a prologue to this story, I ask you to read the article below concerning Sony and their inability to offer service.  In Blizzard’s case I stumbled across a disk buried deep in an old file cabinet; I had not played World of Warcraft for more than 2 years but with nothing more than my credentials I loaded the game and was in the world within a couple of hours.

Sony on the other hand knows how to take my money but hasn’t figured out how to provide me with me any service.  Calling up Sony I get this ridiculous message of a guy stammering and hiccuping over the fact that they know of a problem but can’t figure out how to solve it.   I wonder if my three day pass will start from the moment I purchased the plan, or the time when I first log in (which hasn’t happened yet).

Blizzard just has the capabilities to offer a service and deliver.  Their presentation of their product is completely professional and very vibrant.  Sony seems to suffer from the “two man show” syndrome — the one guy never knows what the other guy is doing.

My return to WoW has been interesting, but I have not enjoyed it as much as I had hope.  I have many characters but it is hard to get back in the groove, although I admit I have spent less than a couple of hours playing the game.

This weekend will determine where my next year will be spent — in Everquest II or in World of Warcraft.

Judgments to come on Monday!


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