WoW vs. Everquest 2; Returning Player Perspective

Last week I had the opportunity to try 10 days of WoW and also three days of Everquest 2. I played both games, familiarizing myself with the world and controls, then sat back and waited to see what game would draw me back.

I was really impressed with both the gameplay and styles of play that both had. Everquest 2 had so much going for it since I was only just recently unplugged from the daily regiment of playing the game. WoW was fresh and offered so much to explore since all of my characters were in the low 30s, 40s, and 50s.

I played each trying to decide on which game I should return.

In the end, I decided that both games were fun, but not fun enough to resubscribe. Even though I chided Sony for its silly subscription model of 3 days for five bucks, I guess I will take that over the 15 dollars a month that Wow or a traditional Everquest 2 subscription offers.

With two accounts with Sony, I can alternate (if I so desire) every couple of weeks and play a different set of guys. Also with some of the new rule changes (e.g. every character can now use the Research Assistants) it makes it fun to return every couple of week to pick up my masters.

So in the end, both games lose out but with a caveat that Sony will at least get 5 or 10 dollars a month from me.

WoW is really cool, but I found I was too far removed from the game to try and get back into it — seemed like the entire population was on the high level end and no one was there to start over.


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