The Summer Blues

I wonder why I have been in such a state of the Summer blues? I keep a journal of my work on MMOs, role-playing games, and posts to other sites and I have noticed over the last month the number of entries has dropped significantly. In late Winter and early Spring my daily count of ideas and posts were significant. For whatever reason I am once again in a doll drum.

In the early spring I was playing Everquest II fervently but wanted to move away from the game. My thoughts was that if I didn’t play so much of the game, I would have more time to develop my own games and post more on other blog sites. I am unsure if the two are linked in some way, but now I have plenty of opportunity and have no drive to do so.

I remember how good I felt that day I finally said, “enough was enough” and broke the chains of my MMO compulsion. I look back to early February when I dared blowing winds and icy snow to go to a local game shop to play my game — now it is perfect weather and I have no desire to go down there. Back in the Winter I was writing ten pages a day on my new game Bloodbath II, but now can’t hardly even look at the text! Podcasting was back in the forefront of my mind and I looked forward to banging out episodes with my friend Karen — for the last six weeks I have not even listened to a podcast.

I wonder when this will end? I have been thinking that if I got back in MMOs perhaps my creativity would return, although last week I tried a couple of games (WoW and Everquest II) and not much happened. Although, I have posted twice on my blog and have actually started looking at my Bloodbath text again, so perhaps there is hope?!?

I just hope I don’t waste the summer doing nothing, and getting nothing accomplished.

I seem to be in a funk again, with great ideas bubbling in the brain but not the gears to set it in motion.


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