I Am A Student Again

For many,  starting school  in a couple of months is just back to the old grind, but for me it is an experience that I have not had in more than twenty years.

I did take one class in 1999, but before that it was all the way back in “ancient-history” to 1989 that I had my full load of college courses.  The last time I walked the halls of GVSU, the first satellites of GPS were being launched; Pete Rose was reported to have a gambling problem; the Iran-Contra affair was in the news, the Tienanmen Square protests were occurring; and Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter’s fame, was just born. In 1989 the 486DX was king coming in at a hefty 25 mhz — and I remember dreaming of owning a Macintosh IIx (churning away at 16 mhz)!  Even more stunning, is that when I lasted attended GVSU it was not a university, but only a mere college — alas so much has changed!

Back then  I was young, naive, and still very impressionable.  Now I am a older than some professors,  knowing less than the freshmen, and jaded and conceited to the world.  I just  hope it is like riding a bike, because I am a full of trepidation about going back to school, studying for tests, and getting graded once again!?!

I am utterly stunned at how university life has changed in the last 20 years — when last I went, there  wasn’t cell phones, laptops, or even the internet. Sure they were around, but the size and bulk of the technology was beyond most student’s affordability and even strength.

I will return to a classroom full of students, who most were not even born when I was a student. I will be the one gray spot in the sea of youth.  Maybe the youth will rejuvenate me again?

For the kids returning to school, there will be the moans of getting back to studying, but for me I am excited to once again step on the road to academic fulfillment. I am thrilled and can hardly wait to get out to school and see the hustle and bustle of campus life.

I am switching majors in the fall. I am no longer pursuing a life of Film and Video (do they even have Film anymore?) and looking towards History. I understand that there is not as much possibility for jobs as a History major, but I must seek out a degree that I am enthused about. Perhaps I will go into teaching, or maybe work for a library or museum, or a computer/multimedia company specializing in historical products. I am not sure where this degree will lead me, nor where my journey will end.



  1. That’s really awesome. I echo many of your thoughts. Maybe not quite as far back, but I’m not one of the kids either.

    I am too returning, and am full of trepidation. For me, there’s more pressure on needing a better paying job/career, but I am also excited.

    BTW, I’m finishing a LONG overdue English degree.

    I’d say good luck, but I doubt you need luck.

    • Good luck. I have Math, Creative Writing, Great Book 1( I think that covers british or European history/literature – wouldn’t that be cool if we took the same class in the same semester? :D) and Conflict Management(probably for my teaching degree).

      I hate math, but I think next semester may go well 🙂

      Congratulations on your As!!!

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