The Joys of Modding

I never thought I would be saying this, but I really enjoy modding. From editing the XML files, to searching the web for new models, to play testing the minutia of changing a value from 1 to 0, all of this makes me get up early in the morning and charge home after work.

Not all of the learning curve has been easy. A week ago I learned the hard way to keep backups. I now archive each day’s changes to a separate dated file and then place it on a thumb drive.

I am often very confused about how the XML ties into the game, but much of that is because of poor documentation from Firaxis.

If I have not already alluded to it, all of my modding fun is coming from making changes to CIVILIZATION IV. You can get the entire game now on STEAM or D2D for less than 20 bucks. It runs great on all modern computers because it was designed for systems 7 years old. My friend run it perfectly fine on a 8 year old computer.

What started out as a meager attempt to change a few techs and adding a unit, has turned out to be a complete re-writing of an already super mod called “Thomas War”. If you are a Civ IV player, and have not tried this mod yet, I beg you to download it and try it. If you are new to Civ, learn the game for a couple of months, but then try the Thomas War. He has done a great job.

From all his basic modded files I have created my mod called, EXTREMEMOD. I have added 20 new technologies, 15 new units, and changed a hundred little aspects of the game from traits, barbarians, and bonuses you can find in the game.

Soon I will post my screen shots to the game, as well as a snapshot of the new tech tree and game interface. I will post my mod when I feel it is complete — which may be never? The only real question I have is that it is based on another modder’s work, and even though I have given him credit where ever I can, I don’t want to anger anyone that thinks that I am trying to upstage or steal their ideas. I couldn’t do any of this without all the massive help at Civfanatics!!


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