ExtremeMod V1.2 is Available for download

—-Version 1.2—-
—-Date: August 20, 2010—-

++++Voice Overs++++

Added Voice-Overs to most added techs. Future versions will add to the voice and create more descriptions.


Starting Date: set back to 4,500 BC from 5,000 BC.

Changed Sea Lane graphic to be less noticeable on city plots (still not satisfied)

Handicap: Made all difficulty levels a bit more challenging.

Great Wall: Changed the wonder from disallowing barbarain movement within cultural boundaries, to a +10% defense in all cities, a free general and a Golden Age.

Glaives: Changed their bonus from 50% melee to 50% archery.

Bureaucracy Civic: -20 percent Worker Rate, -25% War Weariness, +10% bonus to capital commerce, science, and culture.

Parapet Building: Deleted the 1% bonus to all city defenses.

Locks vs. Forts: Modified the values of Locks so that automated workers do not want to make them more than a fort, or to replace forts (still working on the exact fix here). Made Locks pillageable.

Forts: Made them pillageable for 20 gold.

Duke: Changed the Duke from 6 National Units to 4 National Units.

Corporations: Added 8 different corporations and modified their resources and attributes to match the new names; adjusted each of their respective wonder towers to better reflect the corporations (more changes to come).

Nexxon: Greedy oil company

Macrosoft: Large software maker of all things good and bad

Icewater Fisheries: Pirates of the open seas, plundering our world livestocks

Illumaniti: A secret organization bent on controlling the world

Arkel-Mittal: Large metal combine.

Patriot Coal: Producer of almost all the world’s coal.

Barret Gold: Large concern of all things gold.

Wortmart: The largest supermarket in the world, selling everything imaginable.


Issue with Gunboats has been resolved and you should be able to construct them now

++++NEW UNITS++++

Zebra Knight: 9/2 with Equestrian Oddities technology

Zebra Chariot: 9/2 (+25% against melee) with Equestrian Oddities technology

Assassin: 5/1 unit that is stealth invisible and targets Diplomats (such as Commanders, Dukes, and Kings) receving a 300 percent attack bonus.

Knight Hospitaller: A knight pledged to healing and fighting.

Brigantine: An early pirate ship that carries pirates to foreign shores. A 3/3 unit with 3 cargo spaces for pirates only.

Pirate: a 7/1 pirate that can plunder without the fear of going to war.

Armed Pioneers: 2/2 Settlers that can be made after acquiring the Equestrian Oddities technologies.


Piracy: Technology that instituted natioanal piracy and opened the doors for sea pirates, pirvateers, and Brigantines.

Equestrian Oddities: What strange beasts can be tamed and ridden into combat?!?

++++New Bonus++++

Software: Used by corporations and alse required for some advanced weaponry

Unobtainium: The rarest metal in the universe.


12 Pounder: Game Crash and art failure
25 Pounder: Game Crash and art failure


Version 1.13: http://www.atomicgamer.com/file.php?id=87577

Version 1.13: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XOZNOBO1

Installation: Download the zip file to your local computer and extract. Place the folder into: C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods

The path may be slightly different on other systems. . . .

Settings: Although you can play the Mod in any way you like, I would suggest playing on Noble Difficulty, Epic Speed, with the following switches: Aggressive AI, Raging Barbarians, No Tech Brokering, and Events on. Under custom game, check out the ExtremeWorld map settings.

Play Tested: The Guys!

Based on the original mod: Thomas’ War mod by tsentom1 (for some reason I want to think his real name is Richard Thomas but now can’t find verification of that)

New HUD design: Shiggs713 and DutchKing

New World Sizes: Zappara

Additonal Credit:

Bits and Pieces of Mine_Warefar Mod

Ideas from the Barbarian Mod

Ideas from Pie’s Mod

All the modders and contributors at CIVFANTATICS [http://www.civfanatics.com/]

Special Thanks:
Super Gratitude to Baldyr for his lessons in Python (Rebel Mod)

Pie for giving me the first steps into modding, even if you were completely oblivious to it.

EkMek for his help with Leaderheads — Still working on getting one into the game

To The_J for all his help in the forums

Extreme Mod was built from day one to be an alternative view of both Civilization IV, but also of history. I tried to make the game somewhat historically accurate, but concede that this sort of game does not lend itself necassarily to recreating history as we know it. I also had the intention of making the game balanced and fun, sacrificing realism and historical fact for fun and playability.

All New Graphics from both BTS and also from the Thomas’ War mod that EXTREME was originally based on.

I have included a number of Maps with the game, many being recreations of the various parts and whole of the Earth. They were created in a day and was given more an eye for balance of resources and civilizations than accuracy of every hill, mountain, and forrest. I am sure players from Europe will see glaring problems with the map — I live in the US and see glaring problems with points there. It is what it is, but I think for the maps on the whole they can be fun.

World Sizes

Events: I significantly changed the chance of many events and increased a few. It is my idea to keep the events as game changers rather than a slew of insignificant news items. There are still many forest fires and failed marriages in the game, but now there are real and constant threats from invasions.

Barbarians: We have changed the civilization that represents the barbarians to Ragnar. We could have changed it to anyone of course, but we chose the Vikings since they are renowned for their raiding and far flung travels. I would also suggest playing them on Raging and not building the Great Wall, but that is more of a personal choice than a requirement.

New Technology:
Animal Hides
Animal Textiles
Arctic Life
Ceramic Armor
Charcoal Furnaces
Desert Life I
Desert Life II
Early Flight
Flint Tools
High Explosives
Land Mines
Leather Armor
Military Organization
Naval Mines
Personal Hygiene
Plant Textiles
Plough (and Yoke)
Pressurized Hull
Roman Concrete
Salt Mines
Spice Production
Stone Tools
The Horshoe
The Plough
The Saddle
The Stirrup
Tungsten Steel
Titanium Steel
Tropcial Culture 2
Tropical Culture 1
Tropical Culture 3
Water Well

New Units:
(New) Carrack
12-Pounder Cannon
25-Pounder Cannon
Camel Rider
Camel Rifle
Civil Engineer
Composite Bowman
Heavy Cavalry
Iron Javelins
Land Mine
Light Cavalry
Light Footman
Light Slingers
Man of War
Naval Mine
Reed Skiff
Stone Thrower
Templar Knight
Teutonic Knight
Trade Goods
War Elephants
Winged Hussar

New Buildings
Philospher’s Hall
Guard Tower
Merchant Guild House
Rock Quarry
Smoke House
Private Museums
Sea Lane
Command Post
Canal / Lock
Naval Academy


Confederate South

Jefferson Davis

All new traits with a far more robust set of bonus and penalties for each culture. Each trait now has at least 1 unique promotion for units of their civilization.

New Civics

Known Bugs:

Problem with the Gunboats and the 12-Pounder Cannon. I would suggest not building those until the next update. Sadly, I can’t control the AIs use of these two units.

There is a graphic bug concerning the Sea Lanes. In all towns, some more noticeable than others, you will see a Sea Lane graphic even when there is none or should not be one. I am working on figuring this out, but been told it is no doubt in the SDK.

There is a memory leak when you restart a second game on maps that are larger than Huge. I cannot fathom where it is coming from, but after a restart of the game (forced anyway) you are good again to go.

There is is an issue with supplying orders to Workers (Peasants) and sometimes you need to tell the lazy buggers to do the assigned task again. Just use a whip on their backs!

Trade Goods: The unit does not behave the way I intended and can be abused readily. I will hopefully have this fixed before I release it.

Next Release:

Wonders: I wanted to include the Illumaniti and the FreeMasons Wonder but just ran out of time.

More units, of course, I want to have at least 100 units inv Version 1.5

More Technologies. I just keep adding more and more technologies, which to me add so much vitality to the overall replayability of the game.

Tweaking the units, buildings, and improvements — there is always room for modifying and make a unit more in line with its original intent.

Since ExtremeMod was based on an older mod, there is a huge overhead of old and unused graphics and sounds. I would like to try and remove at least 20 percent of the size by removing these files.


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