Version 1.35 of ExtremeMod

Alternate site with v1.36:
There is a slight error with the Jetpack Knights that needs to be corrected. Thanks to Vukovlad for pointing out the error.

This is a very simple little fix.

Go into my mod
Go into Assets
Go into XML
Go into Art
Open CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml with WordPad (or Notepad)
Type: Jetpack
This will jump to the part of the XML pretaining to the JETPACK_KNIGHT
Second line: <Button>,Art/Interface/Buttons/Units/</Button>
Remove the ‘,”
so it is: <Button>Art/Interface/Buttons/Units/</Button>

—-Version 1.35—-
—-Date: August 27, 2010—

+++++Alterations & Adjustments++++++++

Animals:  Creatures no longer concern themselves with cultural barriers and will wander around hunting anything that moves.  They may also be inclined to attack villages.

Barbarians:  Tweaked a number of values making them a bit more numerous at specific times.  Reset them back to being just plain old non-descript barbarains.

Scoring System:  Adjusted the scoring system of the game to emphasize a bit more of Land grabbing and population.

Towers have been made more expensive to build and takes about 10 percent more labor to construct

Villages, Hamlets, and Towns all perform a bit better

Workshops are bit more effecient.

Trireme:  The ship’s combat strength is increased to 3 (from 2 points).

Rangers: Adjusted their combat to +300% vs. animal units.

Hunters: Adjusted their combat to +200% vs. animal units.

Imperialism Civic now has the capital gaining +25% in all areas.

Paratroopers:  Requires Early Flight.

Mount Rushmore:  Needs High Explosives now.

Starting Worker: Fixed the errant starting worker.  Starting civilizations now start with 1 settler and 1 Ranger.

Several technologies now offer hints or glimpses at units that can be produced — a sort of a teaser for the empire.

+++++NEW UNIT++++++++
Witch Doctor
Light Steamtank
Heavy Steamtank
Jetpack Knight

+++++NEW TECH+++++
Quantum Computers
Condotta System
Genetic Engineering
Gene Therapy
Music changed to Musical Rhythm
Musical Notation
Musical Instrument
Steampunk Weapons

++++NEW WONDERS+++++
Jurassic Park
Planet of the Apes

++++NEW CIVICS+++++
Condotta has replaced Technocracy


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