Returning to College

Summer is slowly coming to the close, with the finish line often represented by kids going back to school. The days get shorter and the mornings are darker, and there is that feeling of cooler winds and the smell of Autumn, even though still feint this final August day.

For me, it is especially apparent since I too will be scrambling to school here in three days. Like my first day waiting for the bus, which strangely I can remember, I will be returning to school though not taking the large yellow machine.

I have two courses this semester, History to 1500 and History from 1500. Both will be very interesting if not a bit traumatic. It has been a long time since I have had read school books, took notes, and studied for tests.

It even seems that the subjects have changed over the 20 years — no longer is it all about the European/Western world but not now far more dynamic and open — all the world’s history has become important and not just for a few cultures.

I have just got done studying and reading my first assignment and am very apprehensive about the first class. What will it be like? Will I like the professor? Will the professor like me? All the things that run through a child’s mind before tramping up the big steps into the yellow bus are swirling around in my brain.

As much as I am apprehensive, I am also excited. I am very eager to start learning again and to be around people who want to learn and discuss things. Academic life is so much different than the humdrum world of business, where each day its nothing more then another endless Sales Order to be filled and processed — shoving it down the line for the next baboon to stamp, scribble, and curse over!


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