A month under my belt

So begins my second month of college. It is all that I remembered plus more so. I am truly finding it re-invigorating, and I wish I could go to school full time and not work — but perhaps everyone would like that. I could even imagine becoming a full time student and never work again.

What I enjoy about school is all the young people and the pure energy of learning and the vitality of life. They are naive to the world, and I don’t mean that in an ugly old miserly way, but just that they have not been burned by countless failed jobs and numerous crippled relationships (both of the opposite sex but also just friends that have gone their separate ways).

Even the professors exude a fresh and wanting effort to help — their excitement is broadcast each week as we sit down and learn the chapter.
Perhaps it is just that I have been in the same place for nearly 15 years that I view life from a very skewed perspective. Work for me has been the same for so long that I don’t remember any other way to do business other than what I do from 8 to 5 every day.

Right now I am busy with writing up two papers — one on Indian mythology concerning the Ramayana; the other is the story of the Potato and my discourse on why I think it is highly under-rated.

I am already planning for my next semester, and even the semester after that. I am narrowing my fields of higher education, thinking that perhaps I will seek my Masters degree, but that will come a bit later. If things continue as they do, then I shall still have another 3 or 4 semesters of 2 classes each before I obtain my Bachelors.


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