Extreme Mod V1.55

+++++Changes and Modifications+++++


Jungle has returned to its nasty disposition and will damage units travelling through the fetid morass.

Deserts and Hills are more expensive to move through.

certain ocean terrain, such as coral reefs, will now damage your boats and ships a small amount.

Changed the cost of Tropical Culture 1 to half of the original beaker value.

Turned off showing point scores. Now you must make your own opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of empires.

Made Martial Law even better for warlike nations.

Modified the way the AI conducts foreign and internal affairs. Hopefully wanting to build more colonies and make more workers. Further refinement into making the AI a bit more deadilier.

Changed the Handicap levels to be more in line with the ExtremeMod’s style of play.

Mechanized Infantry was changed to requiring more appropriate technology

Changed the number of Breweries, Silversmiths, and Goldsmiths to 1; adding overall value to the building so that a single instance equals that of multiple instances of it.

Added a dozen Promotions to the DIPLOMAT unit type.

Increased the benefit of Leather Armor, Chainmail, and Platemail for better effects.

Nationhood had become less than desirable with newer additions, so adjustments were made to make it more useful

Colonialism has been changed to -90 percent modification due to distance from capital and also +2 food for Plantation.

Changed Oranized Religion, Theocracy, and Pacifism to allow greater depth of play and playing styles.

Removed The Force and switched it with “Esoterism”.

If your empire has Mercantilism, Naval Base grants +2 hammers.

All aircraft now have expanded combat capabilities in line with more realistic command and control.

Camel Riders have been adjusted down to 13/2 and have had their attack modifiers decreased to 15 percent.

TradeGoods now have unique names to give them a bit more of aesthetic feel.

Blacksmith have been made cheaper and changed so that they give the city +3 hammers.

Naval and Land mines now have a per player limit, at any one time, of 10.

Added Indigenous People, a way to colonize distant lands by using the local peasentry rather than by conquest or by moving your people into the area.

Missile Cruisers now require Laser technology to be constructed.

Deleted the sniper — in multiplayer games it caused too many crashes for its cool effects 😦

Created a new unit called the Corsair which is a bit beefier pirate vessel that can be used later in the game.

Created a new unit called the Jetpack Carrier, which is a new steampunk technology unit allowing a sizeable force of jetpack knights to be moved quickly across the ocean. I wanted them to be able to be launched from the ship (in paradrop mode) but appears that is not possible.

Added back a number of different map scripts, hopefully allowing for a variety of maps.

Corsairs and Galleons when defeated in combat returns under ownership of the victor of the engagement.

All UU have been updated to be more useful and competitive with my modifications.

Increased the chance of finding Unobtanium and Liftwood.


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