Changes coming in Version 2.0 of Extreme

Prince Level: Modified so it is in line with Noble. A bit more difficult, it is a step up to the game from Noble.

Missile Cruiser: Changed the prerequisite to Laser to push it further down the Tech path, giving the Gunboat a reason to be there.

Chopping Jungle: Changed it so that it isn’t easier to chop jungle down with Tropical Culture I than it is with Iron.

Giraffe Archer: Added a new unit called a Camel Archer. U will need Ivory and Equestrian Oddities to use. It is a shock and awe unit.
Druid: added a early unit with respectable movement and a real cool model.

Ethernaut: similar to the jetpack knight, but more lethal. Has a gun that fires pure ether!

New Tech Line: A whole line of new techs with accompanying units called the Animal Mastery line. Tiger Master, Bear Master, Ape Master, Kraken Master.

New Bonus Resources:
Barley: New bonus for the deserts.
Shrimp: New bonus for the oceans
Pearl: New bonus for the oceans.
Coffee: New bonus for the land
Tea: New bonus for the land
Orange: New bonus for tropical jungles
Apple: New bonus for colder climates

Air Defense Tower: New unit to increased air superiority.
Munitions Factory: A new type of factory dedicated to making better ammunitions.

Fixed the spawn of Unobtainium. This rare metal should be far less rare and more common!
Fixed the ability of workers to do damage — some worker units can defend and even attack


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