Version 2 of ExtremeMod for Civilization IV

ROADS!! I was tired of not having roads mean anything in the game other than to move troops around, so I added several instances where roads or sealanes give a bonus to either food, production, or gold. Continue testing will need to be done to make sure this does not cause other issues!?!

Sound Files: Removed 227 megabytes of extraneous sound files; mostly soundtracks and diplomatic exchange. Makes the game allot easier to push around and we never used the music anyway. We have not found an issue with removing them, but will provide a path to adding the music back into the game.

Tropical Culture increased — made several improvements to the benefits of Tropical Culture. Chopping Jungle: Changed it so that it isn’t easier to chop jungle down with Tropical Culture I than it is with Iron.

Desert Life Increased — made several improvements to the benefits of Desert Life technology.

Handicap: Once again re-adjusted all levels of handicap in the game. I would still recommend playing on Noble or higher.

Missile Cruiser: Changed the pre-req to Laser to push it further down the Tech path, giving the Gunboat a reason to be there.

Giraffe Archer: Added a new unit called a Camel Archer. You will need Ivory and Equestian Oddities to use. It is a shock and awe unit.

Druid: Added a early unit with respectable movement and a real cool model.

Ethernaut: similar to the jetpack knight, but more lethal. Has a gun that fires pure ether!

Ash Bowman: an archer that can be built with the new resource Hardwood.

Tin Man: An early footman which requires tin for its production.

Fixed the ability of workers to do damage — some worker units can defend and even attack

New Tech Line: A whole line of new techs with accompanying units called the Animal Mastery line. Tiger Master, Lion Master, Panther Master, Bear Master, Polar Bear Master, Ape Master, Kong (!), Kraken Master.

New Tech Line: A whole series of techs for carts, wagons, and chariots. Also added several new units — more to follow. Many new chariots including Fast and Heavy Chariots.

New Bonus Resources:
Tin: New metal bonus
Barley: New bonus for the deserts
Shrimp: New bonus for the oceans
Pearl: New bonus for the oceans
Coffee: New bonus for the land
Tea: New bonus for the land
Orange: New bonus for tropical jungles
Apple: New bonus for cooler climates
Camel: New bonus that will be required for all camel units in the game
Ruin: New bonus that grants +2 gold

Fixed the spawn of Unobtainium. This rare metal should be far less rare and more common!


Air Defense Tower: New unit to increased air superiority.
Munitions Factory: A new type of factory dedicated to making better ammunitions.


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