A Year of Civilization IV — A Reflection.

I have kept a simple little diary over the last year of my Monday night game group and what we have been doing. Mostly it has been Civilization IV, and the latter half playing my mod.  the mod still boggles my mind that I could actually write (things aren’t ever as complicated as they seem) something so cool and complicated.

My friend Wade comes and goes throughout the year as we tire of his shenanigans then having him over for a riotous round of gaming. Throughout the year, Joe and I almost always get together for a fun night of gaming, in one form or another.  What will next year hold?

So without further discussion, and for whatever use it may offer, I offer this simple little commentary of three guys and a gaming night:

10-13-10 Wade, Joe, and I got together and played Civilization IV: ExtremeMod. First two hours were plagued with errors, but we figured out Wade’s computer did not get updated correctly. After that the night went without a hitch – in the end Joe and I were in the middle of the pact, but Wade was at the bottom again. He still has not learned how to play the game.

10-05-10 New Month! Just Joe and I played. Wade needn’t come over for awhile. Had a tough night with multiple restarts. Learned allot about the game and made some good notes.

09-27-10 Just Joe and I – play a mean game of V2.0 – made some changes after we played but it may be getting mean. Gave up on Wade – he is just too difficult.

Joe, Wade, and I started a new game using V1.55 in an Immense Earth map. Joe played the Hawaiians, I played the Australians, and wade played the Ethiopians. I actually was doing the best at the end of the night, followed by Joe. Wade was dead last – he stinks. Fun game all around – AI still seems a bit sluggish.

Joe and I finished what we could of a two week game – we lost, which is good because that means the game is a challenge. Tweaking the mod to version 1.5 for another release on Sept 18th.

Wade could not get over so Joe and I played a new game with the heightened AI. Real fun. Great night. Always fun.

08-30-10 Stopping developing for the mod and just going to play for a while and think of what changes to come—hopefully will not do any sort of changes for a couple of months. Going to play on a Immense world.

Modding is going well. Great fun with just Joe and I last night. We didn’t want to quit. So much fun !!

07-27-10 Great fun last night, even though we had problems with the mod and the balance. Later I was so excited to correct some mistakes – fixed the Chinampas.

Still having a blast modding the game. So tired of Wade and his crying and whining – not going to pursue him coming over any more. It isn’t worth it.


Played around with a mod of Civ 4 that I am calling TroysAncient. Needs allot of work.

Since last time, Joe and I started looking into making our own Mods for this venerable game. Joe keeps saying he is going to buy a new computer but never does. The game went well – a continuation from the week before. Wade destroyed the Mayans, and Joe and I are whacking away on Rome and the Egyptians.

Wade, Joe, and I played another rousing game. First game, Joe got slaughtered playing Simon Bolivar. The next game I played the Vikings and Joe played England. Wade played Sitting Bull. Great night, full of laughs.

Wade, Joe, and I played a rousing game of Civ – Joe did very well as the Japanese. Wade did horrible as the Inuit (but the culture is very difficult to play). I tried to play Yagan of the Australians but the land mass was not developed correctly. I have corrected some features of the map for better balance for next week.

Joe has got the game so we are playing not on Mondays so much.

05-24-10 Wade couldn’t get over, so Joe and I played a mod called Final Frontier. Cool but not as fun as the regular game.

Didn’t play last night because Cherry was leaving on vacation.

Wade arrived a bit late. He decided to come over, rather than playing from his house. He did much better than the last couple of games, but I still pulled out in front. Joe took up the rear, but towards the end of the night he started to shine – he still needs to make up a lot of ground.

Wade typically fouled the night up by not being able to get his skype to work then having to leave to help his mom (cant blame him for that). Will try next week.

04-27-10 HAD A GREAT TIME last night. Found out in the end that we were at a constant PEACE with all nations – so that spoiled it for us. Started a new game with that off.

I had JOE on a new Computer (dual core AMD with 2 gigs RAM and a 7900GS video card). Great fun all around eventhough my empire fumbled throughout the night with bad luck, barbarians, and horrible financial problems.

Getting a little old again. May give it a rest for a bit.

New month and same fun. WADE did not show this week because of his leg. Tried to show Joe Runes of Magic but he was not interested as he is always with everything new you want to play.

03-30-10 New game with same results, but still fun. Wade is such a dick!

Looking forward to our game tonight! Must destroy WADE!!!

New game and having fun. No game next week because of our anniversary.

New game without raging barbarians but with 9 opponents. Great fun. I am winning!

Wade came back again. First game Joe lost, second game I lost, third game I won.


we played a bit of Monster Fandango and found some issues. We then played Civ. Today is the release of the new expansion for EQ2.

Didn’t play test BB II—must force myself to play it next week to test. Joe got his ass beat twice in Civ – he sucks.

01-25-10 Showed Joe – BLOODBATH II – then played Civilization IV the rest of the night. Next week I want to create characters. And play through a couple of rooms.

Probably will skip this week – Diablo though fun is just too much clicking. Might just end up playing Civ again next week or the week after – no sense getting together if we are not looking forward to it.

Played another night of Diablo II – killed Diablo and now on to the real expansion.

Played Diablo II again. Joe does not return to work until the 18th, which I am sure will postpone our game for a couple of weeks.  Got to Act III of the game. Maybe Next week we will play test my new game engine.

12-28-09 Played Diablo II – jow starts work next week and I fear the game night will be over . . .

Still fighting Hitler – Mussolini is in the mix as well. Still a tough fight.

Tonight we finish up Hitler and destroy him?

Going to hopefully play tonight with Jow – Huge world, Raging barbarians, and 1 AI aggressive (Hitler). Will report tomorrow for what happened. [[Great game = Hitler is on the run]]

11-23-09 We played a game with Wade over the internet – Wade got mad when Joe attacked him he said without provocation. Joe had warned Wade a number of times about his encroachment, but Wade said he never saw them.

Wade never showed. Joe and I are in another pitch battle and its going to be tough. Fun as always.

Going to try and bring Wade and Joe over to play. Not sure if I can get this third machine working correctly.

Played and had great fun until the game cheated

10-19-09 Going to play tonight but the war is almost one – mop up is going to be tough.

Last week we had fun. Going to try and continue the game this week.

Going to try and start playing again – this time a new era in civilization where it is King of the Hill. No AI just us three, fighting it out for supremacy.


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