First Impressions of RIFT

What is all this hooplah about the game RIFT? I started seeing advertisement on the game a couple of months ago. I was thinking it was referring to Rifts RPG.

I am completely naive about the game, and my experience is completely without any baggage.

Without revealing much, since it is in BETA and I am unsure of the total legalities of me talking about the game, I can relate my overall impression.

The download and installation was perfect. In game movies seems to stutter frequently, but after I had to update some video drivers and thus it may have corrected the issue.

Character generation seems obtuse but easy — The game seems very rich with a lot of details and possibilities.

The game runs well on my machine on a dual core with 3 gigs of ram and 800 megabyte video card (not specifically beefy any longer in this day and age).

The world seems very busy and animations abound.

Game play seems very straight forward and full of fun and excitement.

I will report more as I play — this first article was with no prior knowledge of the game and then only 20 minutes of playing it (before I had to leave for the real work of the day).



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