Should I return to Everquest?

Recently Sony opened a new server for Everquest. It is what they call a progression server, but basically means that it is a fresh start to the universe of the game set back to day one when the game launched in 1999. Everything starts over, even the exclusion of all the expansions that followed.

The launch was so successful that Sony put up another server to handle the load. I cannot put my finger on it, but I believe each server can hold 5,000 perspective players (though don’t hold me to that figure).

Everyone who ever played Everquest was given 5 free days to try the server out, and boy the servers were packed. In zones that would be utterly empty on other servers were packed with more than 50 people.

Of course there were a handful of resourceful (cheating) players that ramrodded their characters to high level, but for most of us it seemed like a hard crawl to even get to 5th level. It is a tough game and it has only pulled a few punches — one of them is the corpse run which no one ever really enjoyed.

I played a couple of days and now wonder if I should return. On one hand I wonder why I would waste my time and money on a 12 year old game; on the other hand, if I am having fun isn’t that what matters? Does it matter I am playing a 12 year old game or the new fancy RIFTS? If I am having fun, then it shouldn’t matter what game I am playing.

What a dilemma — any thoughts?



  1. One can’t go home I have learned because Everquest for me is more than the game, it is also the people that I played with. As a follow up to my post, I called friends I had not spoken with for months if not years. My hope was that when they learned of the new progress server, they would flock back to the game. Sadly, they have moved on . . . probably forever leaving Norath behind.

    So although you can return to the game, you can never go home — since the world has changed, even if it looks and feels the very same.


  2. I agree you can’t go home, but taken for what it is – Fippy Darkpaw is a fun way to go play in the old zones, and actually get groups at low levels easily for the first time in years.

    The server is busy (even after the free period passed) and the timelocked progression is slow enough, that I expect it will allow even a static group that only plays one night a week to progress fast enough to keep up (XP gain isn’t quite as bad as 1999, but still very slow by today’s standards).

    Newer MMOs (or older EQ servers with the huge XP gain) simply don’t allow you to have fun levelling. It’s all about the rush to endgame. If only because Fippy allows fun and grouping during levelling again, I say it’s a success and well worth playing IMO 🙂

    FYI – any mature players wanting someone to group with, feel free to mail Olilazen on Fippy Darkpaw. And if anyone is committed enough to form a static group that would be awesome as well. I’m willing to roll a new toon if desired. Also I work from home, so my hours are very flexible.

  3. I did return to the game.

    Re-subbed last night, sadly during the uproar I couldn’t log into Fippy so went to Vulak. Now I have my 8th level shaman there and it would be tough to move across.

    I don’t know the numbers on the servers, but maybe they will merge them together in a couple of months.


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  5. Thinking about returning to EQ after several years of not playing. Still not 100% sure yet. Not even sure what has changed but I do know that I dont want to have to join a uber guild just to raid. Is there still a requirement raid for decent items or can you get them solo or with a single group?

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