New Civilization IV Mod: Extreme2

Extreme2 Version 2.0

Extreme2 V2.0 with dozens of new units, technologies, buildings, tweaks, enhancements.

Download Site #1:

Not be be confused with my earlier project ExtremeMod, which at one point had a version 2 delineation. This mod is based on the last known update of the Thomas War Mod with animated leaders and bug fixes. From that point I went through and added more than a dozen techs and dozens of new units, mostly Unique Units and Unique Buildings. I also added more than fifteen new Bonus Resources and recompiled the way improvements are made. I added two new pathing systems: Paths and Sealanes (both brought over from ExtremeMod) with the latter ocean transit system having a new graphic.

At this point the mod is just so huge I cannot test all the different cultures with all the different UUs and UBs – It seems very stable, but I have not played all variations possible.


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