Starting a 7 day free trial of Rifts

I just got a seven day free trial for Rifts, and on top of that I got a 50% off the collector’s edition price for the digital download. I am waiting to actually buy the game, which the collector’s edition sells for 60 but I can get for 30 until the last day — Sunday.

I played Rifts a bit in the late beta of the game and seemed fun, but at the time I was playing Everquest II and Everquest I. If you don’t know about the fiasco there, just to recap the company behind the games, SOE, has been down for almost two weeks because of several attacks that yielded a large portion of their database (i.e. credit card numbers and account names). This has prompted me to give up the games, and to seek my entertainment elsewhere.  Rifts has been receiving glowing reviews on most websites and gaming magazines.

I have the next five days to try and play Rifts and see if I want to play for 30 days — I am assuming for the game I get a month free.

Tonight, sadly I am booked, playing another game with my friend. But afterwards, I am going to try very hard to play as much as possible until my free time runs out.


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