Goodbye Sony, For Now!

I logged into my Sony accounts last night and blankly looked at my characters within EQ and EQ II. I had actually no reaction — it was like how you would watch a commercial on TV, almost complete disconnect and indifference. It was then that I decided to end my relationship with the game. I just didn’t care any more.

Will I ever want to play again? Perhaps. Each time I left, I came back and played some. But each time I came back, the need and desire became less palatable and my exit was quicker and longer.

So how long will I be gone this time? Who knows?

For me, Sony just seems to have lost its way in the world of MMOs. It is no longer the top dog, something it enjoyed for several years in 2001. It is not the most graphical any longer,either,  as it was for a time with EQ II and Vanguard — perhaps even SWG for the day. It seems to have fallen into this need to whore itself out for every possible penny, as if somehow the more money they can earn, will make the feel better.

They need to return to their roots. Get rid of the microtransactions in their games. They need to get back to making great games with great visions.

Not this year, and perhaps not next year. They need to do something that just blows open the MMO market. What it is, is everyone’s guess — but taking the dimes from kids selling them imaginary glitzy mounts isn’t it.

For now, I will say: “See you later…maybe much later, Sony!”


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  1. Although I longed to be one of the EQIIers, I recongnized that time as being too late. I heard many times that EQII was going down, so I never wasted my time there, even though I wanted to. It sounds like a fantastic game, and those are rare these days. Most games are now WoW clones, like the highly anticipated Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. A fantastic idea for a game if it was designed like the old SWG, but the game designers chose to copy World of Warcraft…from the overused skill tree idea all the way down to the gear that looks and operates just like WoW armor (Sith gear example compares to Horde Priest gear).

    Often I hear complaints about how SWG was destroyed by Sony with the game changes. I can say this with confidence, as all of the servers emptied of once loyal players when the Combat Upgrade came out. And to further drive the nail into the coffin of a once great game was the NGE which totally changed the classes and more.
    I was one of the multitudes who loved SWG, and Im still one who pines for them to roll back the changes. But it seems that Sony loves to shoot themselves in the foot. When things are going good, they just cannot leave well enough alone.

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