Sony & Microtransactions!

The recent announcement of Sony to offer triple the conversion rate for Sony Cash only all to well shows their real ambition and intention with the player base. To loyal players, they have shown their willingness to extend a hand of genuine concern and a valid peace offering.

If Sony is truly interested in re-building their fractured relationship with their paying customers, they are offering gifts that are truly worth a second look. Take the money and run, is my motto.  I encourage you to take a death breath, step back and see what they are offering as a way to amend the situation. It is bad, but it is worth a second or third look.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of microtransactions.  I never was, nor will I ever be. I would rather have had you just give me more free time to play — perhaps even allow me to take this free time whenever I wanted, so that if I did want to take a break from the game, I could come back at a later date and use it.


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  1. I agree in spirit. I might not word it as harsh myself, but I could not agree more with the gist of the post, Troy.

    SOE has gone from blunder upon blunder. And a meager discount on virtual money will not rectify things. Mostly as it is not anything I’d buy anyway.

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