Phantasm Adventures Lives

I am always continually amazed at the fortune I have had with my first role-playing game, Phantasm Adventures. And, even more so, all the wild experiences I have had with it. I have met so many wonderful people over the years, and I have been to so many incredible places just because of the simple game I started writing back in 1980.

It has been more than 30 years and just as I think that I have reached the end of the rope with the Phantasm, something wonderful happens and the game is brought back to life.

I have not done much with the game in over 10 years. It just seemed like I never have any time to play games any longer, and the friends that used to come over each week slowly faded away. For years the game sat in a pile at the base of my bookshelf, just collecting dust.

I tried desperately several times to start writing for the game. I tried making a simplified version, a complicated version, even a 4th edition to the classic game. Each time, however, it slowly dwindled to a stand still and ended back on the pile in my study.

I thought another year would go by, just as it has done for the last 10 years, but all of a sudden a spark has caused the game to come back to life. It is still far from being off life-support, but I am getting the feeling to write for it again.  I can hear the slow rhythmic beating of its heart…slow but steady. I can feel like it wants to jump up again and run for a couple of years, growing in strength with each passing day.

Even more startling, I found some friends in Japan who are still interested in the game and they have contacted my old publisher. Perhaps something will come of this? I am truly hoping that maybe they will want to publish the game again, which would stoke my fires to go back to writing full time.

If nothing else, I am just so happy to see life back into my old game. I don’t know where this will all go, because I cannot even fathom how this interest even came about. I would never have thought that in this year that my old fantasy rpg would have a revival.

I will take each day as it comes. But I am getting excited about the game again, and that always brings a smile to my face!

Cover of Book IV


I have linked the original 4th book in the 3rd Edition rules from Phantasm Adventures.  This was never meant to be the final product, but more of a manuscript that I would have presented to a publisher perhaps in the United States or in Japan.  I have taken some liberties within this book, with style and presentation, that I would never allow to be published.  As a reference materials this works well.

I hope to push out the entire 3rd edition via PDF and hope others will find use of it in either gaming, or just have a fun couple of hours looking through the rules.

If anyone would ever want to contribute to the game, such as artwork, stories, ideas, programming, or just inspiration, please post a reply and I will sure make contact with you.


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