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  1. I’m now translating…
    4e-1 p.3 
    ” While in play, a character score can be reduced to no less than -10. ”
     Character Score=Personal Statistics?

    4e-1 p.4
    table:class adj.
    knight is missing.

  2. Sorry for confusion, Character Score is equivalent to Personal Statistic. So, -10 Personal Statistic. The reference is only for drastic condition of character perhaps cursed? For normal play and character generation, the minimum Personal Statistic is 2.

    Knight: +4 Str, +3 End, +3 Cur, -1 Cor, -3 Int, -3 Ego

  3. Thanks.
    Next Question. 4e-1 p.4
    For many key actions in the game, the GM will
    assign a basic CS score. For each 10 points of CS the
    character has greater than the score, he gains a +1 to the
    ***skill’s level***. For each 10 points less than the indicated
    CS, the character is penalized at –1 to the skills’
    success chance.

    Is this “skill’s level” right?

  4. Hi Gecko,

    In consideration of Comparative Score the key is to remember that skill is a d20 and CS is a d100.

    So a Goblin Ranger perhaps has a 6 Visual CS (1 racial x 6 personal). He tries to read book from across room at a 35. So, 35 – 6 = 29 or basically a -3 to his skill of Reading (depending on language). Of course, GM could assign bonus or penalty; perhaps letters on book are very large or very small. So CS Score is just one of many modifiers.

    Generally a 1d100 CS roll is never used exclusively (without modifications to skill). Sometimes it is easier just to say. “To open a door will requires a 40” and let all players just roll 1d100 dice, but that is on rare occasion.

  5. Also please note that ***skill’s level*** is not a permanent bonus, but just reflects that specific use of the skill at that moment. So, for example, the Goblin Ranger does not permanently change his Reading skill to -3 but only when he is reading a book from across the room.

    Many factors will go into determining chance of success. GM must be diligent but not harsh in assigning skill level (skill chance).

  6. Last example: Stone Giant Swashbuckler is listening through heavy wooden door. He has a CS of 40 (5 Racial Auditory and 8 Personal Auditory). Basic wooden door is 20, so he has a bonus of +2 to listen (20 – 40 = 20/10= +2).
    Normally he has a Listen skill of 9, but this time he gets a +2 for 11 on d20.

  7. Thanks. And Sorry for my poor ability of English representation.
    What I want to know is about individual lines of tables…

    1. There are two lines of ” Read a book from across the room”, cs35 and 40, which line must be delited?

    2. A door is of more solid material , one can listen through it easier ?
    wood 20 ,stone 15 ,iron 10

    3.skill’s **level**
    I wanted to see ,this “level” means success chance. Now I recognize it.

    New question about Felzinti.
    How much is their COR?
    Are they magical or not?

  8. I understand, your English is far better than my Japanese!

    I would say “40” is correct for “read a book from across the room” but GM has the right to change any CS score according to conditions (light, dark, big letters, small letters, distance across room, etc…)

    I am not an expert on this, but it would seem wood would conduct sound waves better than iron. If I am wrong, we can reverse scores.

    Felziniti Coordination is 8
    Felzinti is not a magic race

    I thank you for questions. All very good.

  9. Hallo, Troy.
    Now, we’ve finished rough talanslating of half of 4e-1.
    We still have some queations.

    1. There are two pages about Height & Weight (P.7 and P.25-26). Are both needed?
    2. On P.25-26, there are no references about Felzinti, Gnoll, Jack O’Lantern, Lionman, Orc-Mage, and Saurig.
    3. Where is Thras’s homeland (P.21) ?
    4. In age table (P.24), there in no entry about Jack O’Lantern, Lizardman, Manticora, and Orc-Mage.]
    5. In Visual Table (P.5), what means Pressure Plate, part of trap or steam machine?
    6. In Auditory Table (P.6), what means escaping gas?
    7. In Olfactory Table (P.6), what is difference bitween “Up wind” and “Wind is against target?”

  10. 1. That is mistake. I will need to look at numbers for both charts to see which one is more accurate.
    2. If I chose this table, I will add them
    3. Thras from from Throom
    4. Jack of Latern has life of 2 young, 5 adult, 10 Venerable, and 12 Wizened
    Lizardman has a life of 4 young, 12 adult, 25 Venerable, and 50 Wizened
    Manticora has a life of 10 young, 30 adult, 60 Venerable, and 100 Wizened
    Orc-Mage has a life of 6 young, 24 adult, 50 Venerable, and 90 Wizened
    5. Means trap mechanism
    6. Means the hissing gas or expelling air or gas — as steam escapes a teapot.
    7. Up wind is if wind is blowing from behind and smell is ahead of you
    Wind is against target means wind is blowing smell away from target

  11. Thank you very much for all great questions. I am trying to find time to work on more rules for Phantasm Adventures, 4th edition. I wish Dai Nippon Kaiga would contact me or another Japanese publisher for next print of the game book.

    Thank you again for good questions and corrections.

  12. New queations.

    1.p.47. We cannot find skill default table.
    2.p.41-46. How to determin whether aclan’s low, medium , high or great?
    3.p.28-33 Some skills are found on p.50-63.(Skinning, Connoisseur, Masonry).

  13. Skill default is still the same from 3rd edition — I will add table when time permits.

    Clans no longer have ranking of low, medium, high, or great but all exist on the same rank and vie for political domination with other clans of their kind but also of different division. So all crime clans/factions are at the same rank and are in constant struggle for domination on Monokan with each other but also with other divisions as well.

    I will need to look for specific skills in Jobs to match actual skills. This is a time consuming effort that must wait until entire book is done and other mistakes found.

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