Old Archives of Game Ideas

After discovering my spoils of original 3rd edition manuscripts, I also found a box of a dozen other rules that I had been working on from 1987 to 2000. Most of these games are half complete, and often in such a chaotic order that even when I looked at them I could not make heads or tails out of them.

I also found startling enough, some royalty free artwork which I planned to use as covers to my games. They all look very nice and must have come from a single artists — I am unsure who, but I do remember either buying or finding them with the condition that they were royalty free.

In the coming months, I am hoping to resurrect some of these games and put them up. It will be a challenge to support them, and even more so interesting to see if anyone even takes a look at them.

The internet can be such a great audience, but it is also like trying to find one person in a Colosseum of 200,000 people — shouts and waves are simply lost in the sea of bodies and indiscriminate voices.

I ask everyone who comes visit here to spread the word and to find use for these little treasures. I am more than willing to answer questions.

Write me a question, comment, or note at: tchristensen616@gmail.com


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