Phantasm Voyage Preview

Phantasm Voyage is the story of Aaron “Amish” Johnson, a student of the twenty-second century, and his rather exciting journey into a virtual world fraught with danger.  Aaron is content to live on his family’s wind farm, but is forced into going to school in the ultra-tech burgeoning city of New Detroit.  With reluctance, he attends the new high school in the Kamen Tower, a one hundred and eighty-six story skyscraper on the outer rim of New Detroit.  There Aaron meets up with Bruce Greene, a kid who is as opposite to him as any of the other twelve hundred students at the school.  Aaron is accustomed to the simple life on the farm, while the city kids have lived their lives within the steel and glass towers have lost all connection to the natural world.  Bruce has the nickname of Cirrus, for he lives within the clouds of the megalopolis, befriends Aaron and introduces him to his pals Qin, Jack, Addison, and Chloe.

Although shy and awkward, Aaron tries to become part of the gang.  By accident, he obtains a secret code to the Pegasus Chamber, a virtual simulation so real that participants cannot tell reality from fantasy. What was meant to be a party in a virtual beach in paradise suddenly becomes a tooth-and-nail fight for survival.  The kids find themselves in more danger than any back alley of New Detroit. Forging together, the gang head off on the wildest adventure they could ever imagine.  As Aaron tries to discover why the simulation has not ended, he is determined to convince his new friends that the virtual world is just as real as their lives in New Detroit.

Along the way, Aaron meets up and falls in love with Anne, a mysterious girl that for all practical purposes should not be in the simulation.  As the group of kids comes to grip with their own mortality, they experience breathtaking vistas, savage beasts, and ancient ruins filled with danger.As the gang fights their way to a beacon of hope, they unravel a great mystery on who and why they are trapped within the virtual world.  From the confines of an ancient ruin, a maniacal scientist conspires to somehow bridge the gap between the real world and the simulation. The demented scientist believes the sacrifice of the children will allow him to return to reality. The doctor captures the kids and with the help of bloodthirsty priests prepares to sacrifice the kids one by one, until the mana needed to bridge the gap is sustainable to open a doorway back to his laboratory.

Aaron must overcome his shy and introverted temperament to battle the mad scientist, freeing his friends.  Does Aaron and his friends ever escape the simulation?

Aaron returns in the sequel of the Pegasus Chamber, in the Leprechaun’s Legacyto once again battle the evil Dr. Morgan, this time to save his young brother’s life.  Relying on both virtual and real friends, he battles the mad scientist this time in a world of the fey.


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