I am the Invisible Man

Do you ever feel like someone is looking at you, but then realize they are looking through you? My entire life has been like that! I am the Invisible Man. . . Or I might as well be.

It has been that way for as long as I can remember. In gym class I was never picked to be on a team, nor did I seem to stand out in class or within my classmates.  I could walk into a dealership or a clothing store and the clerks would look beyond me, bored and listless they would no doubt stare directly through me.

I join social media groups and all my friends around me add each other, but strangely I am left out in the cold. I constantly make comments and add witticisms but it appears to fall on eyes that do not see or react to my thoughts.

Even driving in a car, I seem to have this perfect Invisibility and I must drive highly defensive, since other cars simply do not see me.

Perhaps I am a super hero and I don’t even know it — Maybe I should go after bank robbers and criminals because more than likely I will be invisible to them as well.

I wonder if I stopped showing up to work, if they would even miss me?



  1. I was having a particular bad day and then i came home and was on Twitter and it seemed like all the people working for Sony and other game companies had invited friends of mine but left me out of their “followed”

    Thanks the friendly support!

  2. I am amazed how well you spell and articulate yourself in English, that not being your primary language. I would not even have a clue how to formulate a Swedish sentence or even spell a single word!

    Anyway, I am feeling better and am feeling creative again!

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