Multiverse Grows

I had a great day adding so much incredible content to my Civilization IV mod now called Multiverse. Originally the mod was called ExtremeMod and was my first mod I ever developed for Civilization IV, but with my second mod the names started getting confusing — even I often mixed the two up.

Multiverse is going to be all about the “What if?….” scenarios of Civilization IV. Although the basic game often can be considered a “what if” play because leaders often exist outside their normal historical element and thus it creates odd paradoxes where Churchill has knights and Lincoln has sherman tanks. In Multiverse it goes a step further with adding neanderthal, dinosaurs, science-fiction, fantasy, and steam punk to the mix.

As I was saying, today was a great day for me. I added a whole new culture to the game, the Lizardman. And also added about 10 new units. It is getting really crazy now and I need to test out a ton of stuff, but my head is swirling with so many new ideas. How can I add all the content I want!!

Here is a screen shot of just some elements in the game:

A myriad of different units just waiting to conquer the world


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