Exciting Week of Play Testing

I continue to test and tweak the new systems for Multiverse and Extreme2. Largest challenge now is to tweak all the values of units and buildings so that they fall into a step chaotic order. I kick myself now for not being more organized and had the foresight to record the statistics of each unit.

Here are some new screenshots of the game while being played in multi-player test:

This screen shot is of turn 438 in Extreme2. I am playing the Cherokee nation while another playtester was an early Indian (that is from India) civilization called the Chandagrupta. This is still very early on in the game and we have just cleared the medieval era — as you can see the dating system needs to be tweaked as it is surely not 235 BCish. There are three other AI opponents: Bismark, Hitler, and Theodore Roosevelt. Only Hitler seems to be very effective in this game, but sometimes we are surprised how things shake out in the end.

The above screenshot is from another game we are testing, starting from a much later point in the game the AI are actually beating us — smaller map but more opponents for them creates more opportunities. We are struggling in the game, with me playing Abraham Lincoln and my other tester as Louis XIV of France.  This game will end in a big slugfest!!


The start of the Tech Tree in the Multiverse mod

Tech Tree


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