Starting Research for Age of Discovery


I am officially starting my development on my next mod, tentatively called “Age of Discovery” although it probably should be given a “II” since I had an earlier buggy version of the mod.

This version will be written completely fresh, from the ground up using a standard base mod template or using the non-animated leaders mod from Thomas War. I simply like the Thomas War mod as a basic template because it is complete but without being overly complicated.

My first step is to determine the years to include in the mod, for which I am thinking at this time to include the years between 1600 to 1800. Second, I need to include the major players which is basically the European countries that sailed to the New World and including major American Indian nations including those South America — most notably the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca.

I am also making the design decision not to change the basic structure of techs in the base game, but only stretching the technological achievements over the covered 200 years to the entire extent of the tech tree in the basic game. Thus, there will be no combustion engines, no flight, and no advance gun powder units. This will be all about the musket, bow, and cannon.

Ships will tap out with perhaps ironclad, or maybe not even that far but rather just advanced galleons. More research needs to be done.

I will update my research as I learn more about the leaders of the era, the technological advancements, and the feel of the game.


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