Thanksgiving Sci-Fi Marathon 2011

So as the holiday approaches, I am thinking of repeating my Labor Day Sci Fi marathon. What to choose?

I will be accessing most of my content via the Netflix streaming so what should I try? Should I keep to my favorites and watch something I know will enjoy, or should I venture into new ground.

I will update this entry this week, listing all the great movies and classics that I can find on Netflix.

First movie to launch the marathon: Super 8 — a classic story of youth and aliens.  Great story with many inspiring and funny moments.

Next: Way of the Warrior — Solid but often over used story of mystical martial arts set in the 1850s of psuedo-western style America.  Great fight scenes, but sketchy story and ridiculous dialogue.

Decided to try Hellboy next. I heard it was good, but didn’t know how good.  What a great movie for sci-fi and fantasy fans. It has it all: magic, technology, multiverse, fighting, and a bit of a love story.  Great!

While fixing dinner and putting up the Christmas tree, I turned on Star Trek The Animated Series. I remember it as a boy, and it holds up surprisingly well for a cheap animated show.  If you never have watched it, take some time to watch various episodes!

Sadly the weekend is over and the Thanksgiving Sci-Fi Marathon goes into the history books.  Overall, I was very surprised at the shows I watched.  I would have liked to watched more movies, but gaming and family obligations got in the way.  Next year, I plan on having a bigger, larger, more massive marathon.


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