Mercenaries of Legend

An epiphany came to me this morning on a unique new role-playing game. A RPG of historical framework, based on the multiple civilizations that have existed on Earth from pre-history to the invention of the gun.

Source books can be part educational but also detail the aspects of characters based on the historical period. Such books as Mayans, Saracens, Visigoths, Romans, Apache, Aborigines, Aztec, Incas, Neanderthal to name just a few.

Ideas could be endless, but backed up with significant research that even academia could put their names behind. Combine learning with fun, with IPs based on such a concept.

Basic statistics: Each character is defined by a number of statistics that value the ability of physicality, intelligence, and culture, and how the avatar interacts with the world and others around him.

Ideas for Statistics: Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Agility, Speed, Wisdom, Intelligence, Culture, Luck, Intuition.  Thinking of rolling 2d6 for each, with cultural modifiers of +/- 3 points.  A bonus of +1 per point over 9.  Thus, 10 = +1, 11 = +2, 12 = +3. Stats are also used to determine Hit Points (life), Vigor (endurance during strenuous activity and combat), skills, talents, and other utilities.

Overall physicality of any one particular character is not much better than another, perhaps 50% at best.


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