New Computer

Today marks a new chapter in gaming history when I purchased my new computer specifically for the MMOs and games of tomorrow. After several months fretting and studying the ads, I decided to go with a Dell after all. Although there are many companies selling computers, it seemed when you got down to pricing that Dell still out sold the competitors. Some may argue that you do not get exactly what you want in all of the peripherals, but I counter that the limited selection also guarantees that the system is well balanced and engineered to work for years to come.

i7 Quad core Intel CPU
8 gigabytes of RAM
500 gigabyte HD
1 gigabyte GT545 Nvidia video card
Windows 7 64 bit
No monitor (I have one already)

The delivery date is the 12th of December. I know computers and it will take me a week to get everything balanced and loaded the way I like it. First things to get working is Civilization IV and Everquest II (followed quickly by Steam).

I will keep you updated on my progress


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