2013 New Year’s Resolutions


Once again I am at the keyboard laying down the goals and aspirations I have for the next year. Every year I say the same thing that I cannot believe the old one is done and the new one is starting. In less than 1 day I will have to sign and think of writing 2013 for the year.  2012 was an eventful time, but not always so grand.  This year I am quantifying and organizing my goals in the following categories: Health, Spirituality, Knowledge, Work, Education, Home Repairs, Trips, Game Designs, Game Playing, Movies & Entertainment , Computer Life, Car & Lifestyles.  Each entry will have 5 goals from lofty to banal.



1.  Solve why I get these headache and reduce them to 1 per month

2.  Exercise more — walks at break, lunch, and once a week do some sort of 30 minute workout

3.  Eat better with less red meat, less salt, and more fresh foods

4.  Take a vitamin or some form of supplement to help with digestion

5.  Main issues for 2013 is to resolve my feeling of pressure in the chest area — beating heart feeling?!?



1.  Continue explore that which cannot be solved.

2.  Try and understand the deeper implications of time and space

3.  Just be happy for the moment and not worry about the past or future

4.  Spread happiness to others — a simple smile can bring someone a moment of happiness

5.  Read more on spirituality



1.  Continue to go to school

2.  Take at least 2 more classes this year, but try for 3

3.  Learn more about computers, servers — especially the Mac that I will get at the office

4.  Try and read more on history, through magazines, books, and videos

5.  Open my mind to other possibilities — reject the standard responses and be more open to new ideas



1.  Continue to learn and get involved

2.  Enjoy the four weeks of vacation — taking them in 2 day bursts (making for many 4 day weekends)

3.  Become a Celia employee

4.  Continue to be the best IT professional — friendly and knowledgeable.

5.  Continue to dream about other jobs and other places. . . .



1.  Graduate

2.  Continue to take courses and learn

3.  Stay in contact with friends and professors at school  — network

4.  Try and go to the university library 5 times this year

5.  Dream of going on for a Masters degree.


Home Repairs:

1.  Carpet for the house

2.  Painting the walls

3.  Painting the door and wall of the garage

4.  Spruce up the yard

5.  Put the house up for sale




1.  Ann Arbor

2.  Traverse City

3.  Upper Peninsula

4.  Going south

5.  Going to Europe


Game Designs:

1.  Start and work on RuleMaster the ultimate fantasy RPG

2.  Contact Jeff Dee and work on a V&V module

3.  Design a card or board game

4.  Create a new mod or find a game that you can mod and make a creation

5.  Work on Phantasm Adventures


Game Playing:

1.  Try new games — get a new game once a month

2.  Play other than computer games

3.  Game Night (with friends) needs to be more varied

4.  Return to a more active gaming — playing with friends on D&D or some RPG

5.  Card games or board games


Movies & Entertainment:

1.   Five movies at the theatre?  Possible?  Not sure. . . .

2.   Five novels

3.  Three magazine subscriptions

4.  Break the mold of years past and get out more or have new friends in

5.  Find a new hobby, outside of gaming!


Computer Life:

1.  At work get my Mac and learn how to use it

2.  At home get a tablet of some form

3.  Much less Facebook and more of Google+ or other social media

4.  De-emphasize sitting in front of the computer but doing other things

5.  Get down to one computer in the den


Cars & Lifestyles:

1.  Continue to drive and save with the General C

2.  Sell the Mercury

3.  Search for ways of saving money

4.  Sell the house

5.  Be Happy More!





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