How Did I Make Out for 2012?

Below is the post I made on December 30, 2011. I cannot believe a year had gone by so quickly, and with so many changes to my life. Its always truly amazing that you can never see what life will bring you. You may think that one thing is important or critical, but by the end of the year it will be something completely different.

Thoughts of how I did will follow or will proceed on a new post.

Goals for 2012
1. Get more sleep
2. Get my taste buds back–Instead of tart taste, tasting sweets again
3. Eat better meals, especially lunches.

Stay away from sweets and sodium foods
Eat smaller meals

4. Do not go to the doctor’s unless it is an emergency. Deal with the migraines and sinus problems holistically.
5. Take less medicine
6. Go on more walks and exercise more
7. Continue to search for a cause of the migraines

Spirituality & Knowledge
1. Read more on spirituality
2. Continue to go to college and finish degree
3. Delve into yoga and mental disciplines
4. Seek secret knowledge
5. Write the Treatise of Expert Knowledge
6. Go to the Library once a week.

Work & Career
1. Enjoy my new 4 weeks of vacation–well earned for 15 years @ company
2. Improve knowledge of computers, networks, and printing
3. Continue to submit resumes to dream prospects
4. Look at building a stellar resume/CV
5. Make contacts with game & history professionals
6. During the numerous library trips, bone up on some books

Education & Academics
1. Get an “A” in class in 2012
2. Finish my degree (BA in History)
3. Research Master’s Degree programs
4. Settle on further college/graduate school
5. Write & Publish a historical article
5. Make contact with Mesoamerican professors and scholars
6. Read more on the subjects

Home Repairs
1. New Carpet
2. Organize Den
3. New Roof
4. When it snows, try and keep the driveway cleaner
5. Update bathroom
6. Contract a mowing service
7. Trim trees and shape the yard up

Trips & Recreation
1. Trip to Ann Arbor for a Michigan Football game
2. Trip to Traverse City
3. A summer trip to Tawas or perhaps other three-day
4. Spend two nights a month going to the library
5. Go to one game convention
6. Keep dreaming & scheming of other trips
Reading & Writing
1. Read more: books as listed below
2. Return to Phantasm Adventures and finish the books
3. Start writing a new novel
4. Spend more initiative in work crafting better papers
5. Take a class in writing
6. Consider an English Minor
7. Continue with my several history and computer magazines
8. Keep blogging on the Emerald Tablet at least one time a week

Game Design
1. As listed above finish Phantasm Adventures
2. Write a V&V adventure
3. Continue to work on my Civilization IV mod
4. Try and self-publish a game on Lulu and re-enter the RPG industry
5. Create a website devoted to Phantasm Adventures
6. Create a website devoted to Bloodbath
7. Start to re-design a new RPG
8. Return to Podcasting
Game Playing
1. Continue to play Everquest II

A. Get Shalimar to 90/90
B. Move Shannarra to Primary Account
C. Move Wiser to Primary Account

2. Reduce the two EQ2 accounts into 1
3. Play other games

A. Board Games
C. Other Computer Games

4. Continue to play Civilization IV & Keep working on mods
5. Play 1 new computer/board game every other month
6. Play a new board game once a month with Cherry or the guys
7. Balance computer games with board games

1. See more movies with my brother
2. Movies this year with my friend Alan Fish/Russ Mills
3. More movies this year with the wife.
4. Watch different kinds of things, and less repeats of the same
5. Research and watch movies involving the Inca, Maya, and Aztec

Computers & Software
1. Learn more about Windows 7
2. Get to 20,000 Tweets on Twitter
3. Less Facebook
4. Control Facebook and reduce friends to essential people
5. Read more on computers and learn more about software
6. Use computers to my benefit
7. Get a smartphone
8. Get a tablet (ipad or fire)
9. Get back to podcasting, creating a show for EQ2 and History
10. Pick up the following tools/software in 2012

A. Multiplicity
B. Fallout3
C. Skyriim
D. Civilization V

Communications in Order
1. Figure out our phone situation
2. Determine direction of internet provider, including ideas of going satellite or cable
3. Get a smartphone
4. Update wife’s phone so she can text


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