Results of 2012

Looking back through my list, I make my judgement on how well I did for the year.


I do not think I got more sleep in 2012, and it is odd because this morning I laid in bed thinking exactly that thought that I wish I could sleep more. I am dead tired at 10 PM, but just can never get past 7 AM. I do try and take some naps now and then, but I wish I could have day dreamed more and just not did anything.

General Health:

I did eventually get my taste back, that which plagued the first 6 months of 2012. It is good to being able to taste the sweets again. Overall I feel my health is about the same as it was for the last several years. I have my headaches and my general pains.  Less doctors is a good thing and more exercise!  I was doing some decent physical workout earlier in the year, but as it got colder it waned sadly.


Lacking is the only comment I have.


Continued to go to school. Created a website called Teaspoon of History but it faltered quickly. Hopes are to return to writing in it again.  I try and read history and general science articles and maintain some sense of knowledge on all things.  Overall I did well in this category.


I certainly did enjoy the 4 weeks of earned vacation this year. It was splendid.  I again struggled throughout the year with my job, often feeling like I wasn’t doing my best or that I wasted so much time doing nothing. I am slowly improving my skills in computers, but I think I forget more than I learn. I hdid send out a number of resumes this year to all sorts of interesting places, one including Osprey Publishing in England but never heard anything of that or any of the other many resumes.  It seems I am stuck where I am at.


Continued to go to school and put 3 more classes under my belt. I got an A  in the history of the English Tudors and a A in Michigan history. Still about 5 classes away from graduating. Floundered at writing in general and have not been able to get into a mood to write anything.

Home Repairs:

A big year for projects here with a new roof, a new front door, a new landing, and a new spring for the garage door!  Didn’t get carpets, but need them soon.  I also totally revamped my den which now is great and I am so happy I did it.  I am looking for a chair now to put in there where I can read or take naps – that would be splendid!


Ann Arbor and Traverse (three times) went well with the typical problems associated with my wife imagining one sort of holiday and reality delivering the other.  Overall it was a good year for trips, although I would like to go to other places than the two listed — seems like a wash and repeat of every other year.

Game Designs:

Sadly this category truly floundered.  I didn’t get much done.  I did start messing around with Phantasm Adventures again and briefly talked to Jeff Dee about a new module for V&V but nothing ever materialized.  I also started a game called Iron Age, but it quickly failed as well.

Game Playing:

Never got back in Everquest II and towards the end of 2012, I started playing Guild Wars 2.  I do not think I will ever return to EQ2 again. I also sadly never got into any other board game or card game. and that is a true shame — I wanted to break out of the tired cycle of computer games from 7 to 10 set to repeat.


Didn’t get anywhere close to going to the movies as much as I wanted to.  Just seems like I could never get organized. So many good movies I missed on the big screen. Saw a few, but do not recall what they were right now.  Wanted to see the Hobbit in 2012, but it just never happened!

Computer Life:

I did surpass my 20,000 tweets and came in slightly over 23,000!  I did do a bit less on Facebook and I tend to want to move away from it even further.  I am learning a bit more of Windows 7 and enjoy how it works on my computers at home.  Oddly the games I thought I would enjoy, I did not:  Fallout 3 sucked, Skyrim never got cheap enough, and Civilization 5 was horrible.


Never got a smart phone or tablet.  Still have Charter and although they dork me with pricing they are the best overall deal for me.  Wife has a texting phone so that is great and a complete success.

Accidents & New Car:

Truck accident in January led me to sell the truck I owned for 12 years and get a new car.  Eventually settling on an orange Prius C that I nicknamed the General C — like the General Lee from Dukes of Hazard but the C because of the model but also because my last name is Christensen.



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