Trying to Craft in Vanguard

I recently returned to playing Vanguard after more than 5 years away from the game. One of the major reasons I came back was the liberal Free to Play aspects of the game, but ironically I upped my subscription to both of my accounts already. Nice thing about this is that at any time, I can go back to a relatively painless free month of the game.

One of the main goals that I decided when returning to the game is that I wanted to truly try to become a crafter in the game. Last time I played, I barely got a guy to 15th level before getting so frustrated and tired of the game and just quit.

This time I have started several characters on crafting, covering all my bases. I have already got two to 15th level and another one to nearly 20th. I am still having a hellish time at it, with so much frustration that many nights i just scream and quit the games.

I like the challenge of it, but think the mechanics are too unforgiving and just cruel. Essentially you get 2000 points to build something, each action costing anywhere between 50 and 100 points. Each action gives some quality to the object and some progression of finishing it. This makes it exciting, but adding to this mix is what is called Complications — failures of your crafting that can randomly occur at any stage, any number of times. Thus, no matter how hard you plan your creation can be destroyed at the last few hundred points because of random complications.

This just seems wrong. You tend to always run out of points on a A+ quality item or end up with hundreds of points on a crappy C quality item. There is simply no way to plan for complications, even worse often you cannot prevent or correct them because it requires a tool or ingredient that you do not have access to. I have been in situations where I have 1000 points left with only 250 points needing to complete an object and still fail because of complications.

My advice is to reduce complications by 20 to 30 percent. I can see why so many people start to craft and then give up around level 10. Something needs to be done.

I have been recently told that many recipes are now worthless because they have not been updated in years and random treasure is often better than crafted gear — that is a big mistake as well and needs to be corrected over the coming months.


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